Arrow: 1×07 “Muse of Fire” (EPISODE REVIEW)

Thankfully we were blessed with no flashbacks this episode. I sure was getting tired of the flashbacks. But this episode suffered a lot in the first half due to the lack of realistic drama. So, when your mom gets shot at, or anyone for that matter, is it such a strange concept that you’d want to track down who did it, or punish them for trying? But no, the entire Queen family (2 of them anyway) make a huge fuss about how he’s lying to them and whatnot. Who on earth wouldn’t want to get the license plate of whomever shot at your parens?!

It was also pretty annoying hearing 3 people tell Oliver not to go after Helena (including Helena), because you KNOW he’s going after her anyway. But this episode was damn fun anyway. Despite the eye rolling occurring on my end, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I liked the dynamic tension between Oliver and Helena, I empathized with her character, and I want her to feature more prominently in the show. I don’t think she will last the season, because this is a CW superhero show and we all know they can’t keep their dates alive for the life of them. But hey, Helena Bertinelli is the Huntress. Nice introduction.

I could not believe my eyes when John Barrowman popped off his fencing helmet and we learned that he and Tommy were father and son. Like wow. I’m not really sure why he cut Tommy off from the money, but I’m sure he’ll get on his feet again. I’m happy he’s with Laurel but I don’t think it’ll last quite as long as it should.

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