My First Geocaching Experience & Failure

So I was bored today. Had a day off from work and needed something to occupy my time for a bit. Decided I’d edit my blog a bit, and I saw a feature called Geotag, and for whatever reason I thought about how one time I went hiking with my friends and just randomly came across a funny little box of knick knacks that turned out to be my first actual geocaching find (but it was accidental). This happened many months ago, but I decided I’d give the free app a try.

Seemed simple enough. They showed me the three nearest hidden caches, and the closest one was a place I knew quite well – the Bronx River Parkway and it’s parallel trail/bike path. I got within 8 feet of the object, but the snow made it damn near impossible.

Thinking in retrospect I really shouldn’t have expected to find anything with two feet of snow piled up over the past few weeks. Will come back when it thaws. Hopefully I can take my girlfriend along with me and we can make this a hobby we can do together!

But hey! Made it to 10,000 miles!


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