A Good Day to Blog

! This is by far the furthest and fastest growing blog I’ve ever owned! It makes me super excited to know that so many of you actually want to read what I have to say, and I’m glad my posts aren’t going unnoticed. Just wanted to send my thanks your way.

In other news, I posted the other day about how I tried Geocaching for the first time and failed somewhat miserably due to the snow. But I’ve redeemed myself somewhat! Was in the town over and decided I’d check my Geocaching app to find some new locations I might try and attempt. One caught my eye.
A pet cemetery near a friends house! But it was closed and I couldn’t find my way in. But I looked at the hint on the app which said “corner magnetic”. What kind of tombstone would be magnetic? Perhaps I didn’t need to actually be in the cemetery? Maybe it was the gate? The fence? I followed the GPS as close to the actual location as possible. I looked again at my phone to see what the recent comments were. Someone said they had parked at the Subway (which incidentally bordered the cemetery fence) and found it “easily.” I was standing there a bit confused. I tried getting to the fence by climbing over the mound of snow at the corner. Meanwhile, I’ll have you know, this cemetery is on the largest and busiest street in Westchester County, so the muggles (those who don’t geocache) must have thought I was crazed as I climbed. I looked into the fence for a second, unsure what I was looking for exactly. And then I saw something on the opposite side of the metal fence in which I peered through, so I reached for it. Clearly magnetic, it came right off. A black key box… I was a bit worried I had accidentally stumbled upon the cemetery’s spare set of keys. I opened cautiously, but to my happy surprise I found a small pencil and a log within. I had brought my own pen, so I signed with that. My first cache found.
I had a mind to go and find another, but I thought I’d wait for a day I’d be able to do it with friends. Until then. Thanks again, guys.

10 thoughts on “A Good Day to Blog

  1. Congratulations. You are very good at your craft. Rewards, rarely, come to those unworthy. I am just starting out. I hope to become so accomplished.

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  2. “this cemetery is on the largest and busiest street in Westchester County, so the muggles (those who don’t geocache) must have thought I was crazed as I climbed” made me lol


    1. I still think there could be no better name for your average citizens in a sport(?) like geocaching than muggles. So great. But now that you mention it, that is particularly funny phrasing hahaha!


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