Doctor Who Rumours: Will Peter Capaldi Have Only One Season?

If there’s one rumour that just won’t let up, it’s the missing episode omnirumour that Peter Capaldi will only have one season as the Twelfth Doctor. How this began, I’m not entirely sure, but people have stuck to the idea, and it’s unfortunate. Realistically, it’s just paranoid fans – the same fans who are worried that each season will be the show’s last (an understandable fear for those Classic Who fans who experienced the 26th and final season of the original run), but is there anything to it? Nobody expected that Christopher Eccleston’s first series would be his last when the show came back, but sure enough, less than a week after his first episode Rose aired the news broke that it would be. Seeing how Capaldi is such a departure from Smith’s Doctor, people just assume it’ll be short lived, depending on how he’s received.

These rumours were perpetuated when another rumour broke – that the Daleks would return in series 8. According to UK magazine The Star, series of 8 of Doctor Who would be “exterminator free”. They then mentioned:

But Capaldi, 55, who admits he is massive fan of the show, told producers it had been his childhood dream to fight the iconic pepperpot villains – and he has got his wish.

Why would they grant his wish this season if he were planning on staying on for the long haul? Certainly makes it seem as though he’ll be on his way out sooner rather than later. But remember, the Daleks haven’t been confirmed. This is but another rumour that happens to lend credence to the Capaldi Rumours.

This, however, seemingly goes against what Moffat mentioned when the new recurring character/companion Danny Pink was announced. He says

very soon now, Sam Anderson as Danny Pink will be entering the world of the Doctor. But how and why? Answers are coming later this year in Peter Capaldi’s first series of Doctor Who!

This would make it seem as if Moffat assumed Capaldi would be staying on longer than just one season.

So what are we to believe? We don’t know yet. Nothing has been confirmed or denied. They are just rumours. But take note that there have only been four instances where it wasn’t up to the actors themselves whether they left the show or not (William Hartnell, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann). The rest of the actors who played the Doctor all chose to leave on their own accord, and it should be up to the actors to determine when their time to leave is – not the higher ups. I’m hoping Peter Capaldi stays for three seasons or more. If there is truth to the rumours however, and Season 8 is his only hoorah, I hope he gets the best season the show’s ever seen. Just keep on enjoying the program – that’s all we can do.

6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Rumours: Will Peter Capaldi Have Only One Season?

  1. You have just become my source for all things Whovian!! Thanks for liking my post, or else I’m not sure I would have known to go looking for you, and that would have been a travesty!


  2. Unfortunately some of the BBC people themselves were talking about “resting” and “reimagining” the show 2015-2016 so it could indeed be the case that one more season is all that’s going to occur.

    Personally I’ve lived through the whole Doctor Who shebang and it’s true that a lot of BBC luvvies look down on the show, resent its success and only tolerate it when it’s filled to overflowing with “right on” PC politics and various silly interpolations. Sylvester McCoy eventually admitted that his tenure was one long anti-Conservative diatribe.

    In that context, whatever commercial or artistic sense it might make to see the show roll on for many more years, there’s a considerable constituency within the BBC (and nowhere else) that would love the show to disappear for good. We may see commercial reasons not to, but the BBC is a government sponsored sheltered workshop where money is given to it whether it is a commercial competitive venture or not. Without responsibility, the BBC mavens can to some extent do as they please.\


      1. I’m glad to hear season 9 is a semi-definite. 2005 Doctor Who has gone off the boil a little bit from its high point but it’s a great show and considering the terrible pablum that is cranked out year in year out “our” show needs to have similar longevity! :()


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