A Date With Crunchyroll: Catching Up On Winter 2014 Anime – 3/10/2014

I want to apologize to the majority of my followers, as you most likely could care less about anime, but I hope to reach all corners of my geeky heart with this blog. Bear with me.

Since I’ve started my blog a month ago, I’ve gotten woefully behind on my Winter 2014 anime queue. So, what better way to laze around than by marathoning as much as possible? I use the streaming site Crunchyroll, an anime-centric Netflix-like service. Yes, although it is limited to just anime, and J-drama, as apposed to Netflix, in some ways the service is better and more reliable than Netflix. Instead of having to wait until Netflix buys the series/seasoning bulk, Crunchyroll allows its users the ability to watch each episode as they’re released, as most of their titles are simulcasted. They also have an extensive backlog of old shows and episodes you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else (legally).

As a whole, I’m a little unimpressed by this Winter season’s titles. These are the titles I watched today (and yeah, I know – I spent the whole day watching tv) in the order I watched them in. This was a terrible idea, in retrospect, and now I have a huge headache. I’ve rated each episode out of 10. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t get to watch any Nisekoi, Nobunagun, or Hamatora, and most of the titles I’m nowhere near caught up to.

  1. Log Horizon – 1×17: A Lazy Cowardly Princess (4/10)
  2. Onee-chan ga Kita – 1×08: New Year’s Day Came! (4/10)
  3. Onee-chan ga Kita – 1×09: Valentine’s Day Is Coming! (7/10)
  4. Strange+ – 1×05: Mistress (5/10)
  5. Strange+ – 1×06: Precious (6/10)
  6. World Conquest Zvezda Plot – 1×04: Udo’s in the Cold Ground (8/10)
  7. Samurai Flamenco – 1×15: Imitation Justice (8/10)
  8. Kill La Kill – 1×17: Tell Me Why! (9/10)
  9. Kill La Kill – 1×18: Into the Night (10/10)
  10. Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation – 1×08: Super Sonico Murder Case (4/10)
  11. Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation – 1×09: Sonico’s Longest Day (6/10)
  12. Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation – 1×10: Ramen and a Little Rice (7/10)
  13. Tonari no Seki-kun – 1×06: Disaster Drill (7/10)
  14. The Pilot’s Love Song – 1×06: The Holy Spring (7/10)
  15. One Piece – 17×05: A Formidable, Unknown Warrior! Here Comes Lucy! (7/10)


If you’re interested in any of these titles and you need my opinion, let me know. Also, if you’re interested in giving anime a shot, I’d love to help steer you in the right direction. I only just started at the beginning of the Fall 2013 Season.

3 thoughts on “A Date With Crunchyroll: Catching Up On Winter 2014 Anime – 3/10/2014

  1. I can greatly recommend log horizon and the Pilot’s Love Song. If you can find it, the loosely related movie ‘the princess and the pilot’ is well worth a watch as well.


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