Books I’ve Been Bequeathed (PART VI)

Books I’ve Been Bequeathed is a series of articles chronicling my cataloging journey through 660 science fiction novels that were bequeathed to me according to the will of a good friend (500 of which are Star Trek titles). Also bequeathed were a few magazines and comic books.
PART 1 is the story of how I came across the massive collection, whom they were bequeathed from.
PART II catalogues all the Star Trek TOS novels.
PART III catalogues all the Star Trek TNG novels.
PART IV catalogues all the Star Trek DS9 novels.
PART V catalogues all the Star Trek VOY & ENT novels.

The purpose of part VI is to catalogue the rest of the Star Trek novels that don’t fall under the main range of any of the canon shows, but are rather spinoffs, crossover series, compendiums, companions, comics, etc. Due to time and the sheer number of Star Trek novels and series out there, I won’t bother identifying which books or other she (my bequeather) didn’t have in her extensive collection. For those of you who have been following from the beginning, you may have noticed that there are 12 additional books in the collection along with magazines and comics. Well, when I was cleaning out her shelf of Star Trek stuff, I missed a few items apparently, which someone had delivered to me yesterday. Behind a Romulan cloaking device I suppose. This is so not worth the time in making a list, so I’ll just give you pictures for each section.

Novelizations based upon video games (1996-1997)


Star Trek: New Frontier (1997-2009)


Stargazer (2002-2004)


IKS Gorkon/Klingon Empire (2003-2005)


Titan (2003-2005)


Vanguard (2005-2007)


Day of Honor (1997)


The Captain’s Table (1998)


The Dominion War (1998)


The Badlands (2000)


Section 31 (2001)


Dark Passions (2001)


Gateways (2001)


The Brave and the Bold (2002)


The Lost Era (2003-2007)


Starfleet Corps of Engineers (2002-2007)


Other random books


Compendiums, Companions, and More


Comics and Magazines


At long last, I’m finished with organizing and cataloging the Star Trek novels. Exactly 500 books, a few comics and magazines will drive a man insane. But it looks great when organized on my wall!20140312-212254.jpg
Next up, I’ll be cataloging the Anne McCaffrey books!

10 thoughts on “Books I’ve Been Bequeathed (PART VI)

  1. Boy oh boy have you been bequethed quite the collection! I hail from two generations of Star-Trek readers, my grandfather/g-ma’s live-in-guy-who-I-now-consider-grandfather, and my father. Seeing all of those brings back so many memories. You are one lucky person. 🙂

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