Did You Know? Game of Thrones Trivia #1: Gandalf’s Sword

To mark the return of HBO’s hit series I thought I might share a little something cool and pointless your way. Remember that little fantasy film series they made in the early 2000s? What was it called again… Oh! The Lord of the Rings!? Yeah! Well, you might find it of intrigue to note that Gandalf’s very own blade ‘Glamdring’ sits proud and tall upon Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne. A reddit user named NoMoreHodoring found it not too long ago. Check it out:

Immediately after, another reddit user found that the sword of Robin of Locksley sat beside it. The sword, taken from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, isn’t as clearly identifiable, but there is certain resemblance.

Yet another blade can be seen, some claiming it to be Orlando Bloom’s from Kingdom of Heaven, but it’s not very obvious.

So, what do you think? Coincidence or Easter Egg? Did the set creators know this would get fans feathers ruffled, or were they just using props that they already had at the ready?

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4 thoughts on “Did You Know? Game of Thrones Trivia #1: Gandalf’s Sword

  1. I imagine they probably used what they had available, or what they could get for cheap. After LotR came out, they were selling tons of swords! I imagine getting a replica now would be relatively cheap, or maybe someone just happened to have one lying about. Who knows, but it is pretty cool!


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