The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (MOVIE REVIEW)

Is it bad that I went into this movie thinking “I have absolutely no desire to see this”? Perhaps that’s because of my bias towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe of late. Or because I’ve been displeased with the direction Sony has taken the web slinger. Or the number of scathing reviews I’ve seen already. Regardless, I wasn’t excited about this movie, and it wasn’t until halfway in that I realized I was actually enjoying myself. Yet another example of how negative reviews and bias can diminish interest. This review is spoiler free.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was anything but perfect, but it hit more than a handful of notes very well, and (in my honest opinion) was a far better film than the first installment (which I reluctantly watched thrice over attempting to get into and just ended up hating more and more). So that meant a lot for me. A sequel that outperforms it’s predecessor is always welcome, and in my book a qualified apology. Not only was this story more cohesive, but it looked better too. I’ll make the case that, even though Spider-Man 3 was a total fail, it was more aesthetically appealing to watch than the reboot Amazing Spider-Man. This film had more than a few brilliantly visualized sequences of Spider-Man flipping through the air, saving whom he must, and proving his spider-senses are just about the coolest things ever.

I must again compare this film with the much maligned Spider-Man 3 as, once again, the film made the mistake to showcase not one, not two, but yes three villains. But unlike Spider-Man 3 it actually worked (for the most part). There were two major storylines: the first being with Max Dillon (aka Electro) and the second being with Harry Osborn (aka Green/Hob-Goblin). Harry really should’ve been introduced in the first film, because his mad vendetta just didn’t hold up. Meanwhile, Electro, was given more screentime, and his evolution into villain didn’t seem as forced and as an audience member I actually pitied the villain. The inclusion of the villain Rhino didn’t add or subtract to the movie, but was actually a weird bookend. Paul Giamatti was actually kinda terrifying. I’d be terrified seeing that guy in person, with or without a metal suit. The idea to push so many villains into this film was a calculated decision by the higher ups to eventually turn the Spidey-Verse into its own movie franchise. This film’s greater purpose was ultimately to serve as the lead up to their future cinematic universe, with films like The Sinister Six and Venom in the pipeline.

The film was long, and unfortunately a lot of it was unnecessary (like the plot about the parents), but at the same time it enforced that above all else being Spider-Man takes a great toll on Peter Parker’s life. It’s a burden not many, if any, can carry without it affecting their personal lives. And of course it does affect Peter’s personal life. Throughout the movie we see a troubled and depressed teenager who’s sacrificed his life for others on countless occasions (but sometimes the film lays it on too thick. Some bits, like with the ghosts of uhhh… the past, were really unnecessary omens for the end of the film, which I won’t go into, because it involves a major spoiler from the comics in 1973 – which I will add was handled with extreme beauty.

Some stuff I really disliked? Well the only thing I can really think of was that the music really didn’t fit. It was very intrusive to the story at times, and Spider-Man even comments on it at one point; “I hate this song.” Another scene, which had absolutely nothing to do with the plot, movie, or even Spider-Man, had two planes nearly crash into each other. I thought there’d be some higher purpose for this, but instead it seemed like they had money to blow. Also the film was a tad too long, but it didn’t bother me much.

In the end, I thought the film was far better than I imagined it would be. It was no Winter Soldier, and it’s unfortunate to note we’ll never see Spider-Man battle along with Avengers, but it was a good movie, despite its mistakes.

12 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (MOVIE REVIEW)

  1. I am glad to see reviews about ASM 3 that are balanced like this. It had its flaws, but it was very enjoyable, and I felt that the critics have treated it a bit unfairly, possibly biased going in by the “too many villains” thing. (I think it’s important to recognize that the overabundance of villains was only one of many reasons why Spider-Man 3 wasn’t as good as it could have been.)

    But whatever else anyone might say about the new Spidey movies, Andrew Garfield is very much *owning* the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The original trilogy had some magic, but I never felt Tobey Macguire was anything like the Peter Parker I knew growing up.


  2. I disagree about the soundtrack. I found it amazing. Spiderman’s comment was about the fact that Electro was actually playing “the Itsy-Bit Spider” using the Power Plant. I’ll have to see The Amazing Spiderman 3, but right now I think they should have cut it the end of 2 at the exact moment Harry figures out Peter is Spiderman. It would have made a great opener for 3, and I would have provided a bit more substance to Peter lamenting the outcome of his fight with Harry.

    As for the planes crashing, it was to show just much disruption from the fight between Electro and Spiderman. I found that the best part of the film was the way it made me legitimately unsure whether or not they were going to follow the comics.


    1. I also felt that the planes almost crashing is part of a possibly modern trend in super hero movies (and probably other genres) to show “everyday heroes.” I haven’t done a study of this or anything, but I wonder if there has been more of that kind of thing since 9/11.


  3. I didn’t hate but also didn’t care for the first Amazing Spider Man, so it will probably be a while before I watch this. Thanks very much for your review, which is very well done, and for liking my From Up on Poppy Hill review! I greatly appreciate it; God bless! =D


  4. I read a few about how much money it brought in. Anyway, I Love Spiderman and Sony-Colombia Pictures. Hoping Part 3 will be Perfect, a Winter Soldier :))) Hehehee


  5. So much parental + relationship issues revisited again, I forgot about Rhino. Thank You for mentioning him. 🙂 Him, I liked … and again–as you read in Movie Justice–not enough villain time and script for them. Can’t believe I’m advocating for them, but when it finally was getting good and all the villains came out to spar :), it ended hahhaa 🙂 Part 3 will be better, I think Sony will only be about CGI + Battling Super Heroes 🙂 I haven’t read another review besides yours since I saw it opening night Thursday. Will have too.


  6. Nice review Dakota. May have not been the biggest fan of the first movie, but thankfully, this one was a bit better and actually had me excited to see where they could try and go with this story next.


  7. I’m not impressed with the first Amazing Spider-Man either, but I’m going to see part 2 despite its mixed reviews. I just gotta keep my expectations low and take it for what it is.


  8. what do you have against the web slingers? but yeah… reviews can easily bias people… that’s why I honestly don’t worry with them…


    1. I mean that I don’t like the way Sony is handling the Spider-Man franchise with their reboot. I was an avid opposer of the fact and I still prefer the original trilogy. But alas, I enjoyed this film.


      1. oh well… I hated the original trilogy… I was honestly really surprised that I liked the new one… but I thought they did it better this go round…


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