First Full Trailer for The Flash Looks Even Better Than Arrow

Yep. I said it. This looks BETTER THAN ARROW. I do not say that lightly either. And I cannot wait. Check out the first trailer below, and the teaser that played during last nights season finale of Arrow. If you don’t agree, let me know in the comments.

The Flash: Trailer #1

The Flash: Teaser #1

As fans of Arrow will already be aware, Barry Allen first appeared on the scene mid-season 2 of Arrow, without any superpowers. The two episodes were meant as somewhat of a backdoor pilot for the “Scarlet Speedster” which has since been issued a full season by the CW. It looks as if this series, albeit a spinoff, will stand on its own two feet. So for those of you who don’t wish to catch up on Arrow, or don’t like the show to begin with, you should be able to watch The Flash without missing a beat. Anyone else notice the Ferris Air tease?

13 thoughts on “First Full Trailer for The Flash Looks Even Better Than Arrow

  1. The Flash has been my favorite DC character since I was a kid and I loved the 1990 show. I tried to watch Arrow like twice and couldn’t get into it, hope the Flash will be better.


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