10 thoughts on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. This pretty much sums up everything that went through my mind when I was informed of this announcement. But my undying predilection for anything Justice League leaves me hopeful despite the few worrying signs that it could be incredibly disappointing.

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  2. Dawn of Justice… they’re just not giving this movie a chance are they… I hate to say it but that title just made me give up all hope on it… and I think you’re right… they’re trying to catch up and make their own Avengers… but Marvel had several movies that built up to Avengers so that by the time we got there we knew and loved the characters so that we went in with a clear view of their background and that’s what made the movie so amazing… DC hasn’t built up that same connection… we’ve had 1 superman movie that just introduced him from the new angle they gave him… but the rest will all have to be introduced because even as we may know them in the general sense… it seems with each time they make a movie about them they kind of make them into different people… there’s always that chance this movie will surprise everyone and be awesome… but I have a sinking feeling that it isn’t going to be near as great as they’re building it up to be…

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  3. I don’t think the silly marketing department subheadings matter to mainstream audiences, so worry not… 🙂

    It’s interesting that going back to when Stan Lee turned “chairman emeritus” and camped out in Hollywood trying to get Marvel on the big screen, at the same time Kirby brought his unique art to saturday morning cartoons, this has been an important and inevitable step in the decline of the paper comicbooks. Not so much digital delivery, but definitely the replacement in imagination of the published comics with the filmed version. That has become the default version for the world, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe ™ has proven.

    Perhaps when peka unpopularity has been achieved for paper comics people like Dan Slott will be evulsed and they will begin again…

    But based on the 1920s to 1930s experience more likely the few remaining paper comics by 2025 will be servants of the movies (and TV) and somewhere out there the next medium-sized thing is being quietly developed by an indie?

    Hope so.


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