Trailers You Might’ve Missed – No Man’s Sky (E3 Trailer)

Anyone tuning into E3 this year had their eyes set on certain games, certain franchises, hoping (sometimes in vain) that new content be shown, new trailers released. Personally I set my sights on Uncharted 4, Destiny, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV… Only a few titles delivered, and those that did, delivered well. But surprisingly, defying almost all reason, the game that stood out most was an indie game by a developer called Hello Games boasting an employee count of 6. The game: No Man’s Sky.

The game features a procedurally generated open world, meaning that the computer graphics are created via random and intricate algorithms instead of manually crafted. Each player will be given a unique experience, and no two players will spawn on the same spot. It’ll be available for the PS4.

2 thoughts on “Trailers You Might’ve Missed – No Man’s Sky (E3 Trailer)

  1. i m really looking forward to this game, what they explained, it seem like Minecraft the way the environments are randomly generated, can wait.


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