Doctor Who: Series 8 Teaser Trailer #3

The BBC refuse to give us a proper trailer, again. But we do get another teaser for the much anticipated 8th season, featuring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. In it we see the Time Lord seemingly being shocked (or dare I say exterminated) while Nicholas Briggs’ Dalek voice dominates the teaser.

In it the Dalek monologues:

“I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, HATRED!”

Interesting stuff. What do you think?

Teaser #1
Teaser #2

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Series 8 Teaser Trailer #3

  1. I still don’t know whether that’s Davros or not. If it isn’t, it sounds like a different kind of Dalek (something like Caan). If it is, then the BBC have done a freaking good job of keeping it a secret. Putting Davros in episode two – TWO! – rather than the finale is a bold move, especially since it’s only one episode (unless it’s one of the rumoured seven feature-length episodes). It would also make an interesting change to have such an important villain so early in the season, as it would show they don’t need to be given an entire finale to make them seem interesting.
    That being said, it doesn’t sound like Julian Bleach, but then David Gooderson didn’t sound like Michael Wisher. I hope it’s Davros, I think it’s Davros, but I’m willing to change my mind easily if some other information comes out.


    1. It certainly doesn’t sound like any Davros we’ve heard thus far, although that was my first thought. And I’m sure it must be Nick Briggs voicing a Dalek. A confident sounding one, I’ll give you that. We see Capaldi getting shocked, just as he would if he were being “exterminated”.

      Now there is nothing claiming this is from episode 2, or is in reference to episode 2 for that matter. I can see why it’d seem likely the previous second teaser could have been meant to tease the first episode, but it really could be dialogue taken from any (or none) of the episodes. But as this is the third official teaser I’m not sure there could be any proof of it being anything of substance for the second episode in particular.

      It’s been confirmed that Deep Breath will be “feature length” but that could mean anywhere between 60-75 mins. I’d like to see where the rumor of 7 feature length episodes stems from. As a fan of the series, and from past disappointments I can pretty much surmise that just is not true, but it’d be an interesting rumor to read about.


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