Doctor Who Series 8 Full-Length Trailer Released!

At long last, the BBC have released the official full-length trailer for Series 8 and it’s such a tease. They released it during the BBC’s World Cup coverage, which is fantastic. Must’ve been great publicity. Cannot wait for August 23rd any longer! The first episode, Deep Breath, is said to be a 75-79 minute spectacular. What do y guys think? Shall we truly go “into darkness?” Is the Doctor a good man? How excited are you for the new season to start?

6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 8 Full-Length Trailer Released!

  1. A little bird told me the first five scripts had leaked on-line as well as working prints of the first two episodes. I’m waiting for the completed stories in their full HD glory, of course. But man it was tempting for about three seconds there just to get a glimpse of Capaldi as the Doctor.


  2. Arrgh I caught this last night and despite wanting to turn over I ended up watching about 80% of the trailer before hand coordinated with remote control. (DARK forces as work me thinks). So without giving the game away it looks like what you asked about in a much earlier blog entry and the general consensus in agreement with you won’t be happening! Cryptic words I know but best be kept in the DARK really.


  3. Whenever I hear the phrase “into darkness”, I just think of a fun, slightly scarily romp through space with plot devices that contradict themselves, and a story that lives for the moment, not the long term.

    Then there’s Doctor Who…


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