San Diego Comic Con 2014 Is Finally Upon Us

SDCC ’14 has barely even started and already news is swamping my feed. I unfortunately can’t be there, but I’m making sure I don’t miss a beat of news. Whether it be Marvel announcing a 3rd untitled film for 2018 (making that now 8 officially confirmed but yet untitled films in the pipeline) or the barrage of poster art coming in, this week/end is going to be hectic for news. In fact, as far as headlines I deem worthy go, I usually get an average of 10-15 news items worthy of putting up on my a weekly News Roundup, but today alone I have over 30. 30! Stay tuned for some awesome announcements guys. If I can’t cover them all, look forward to them in my Roundup section.

Check out some posters released today!

Guardians of the Galaxy gets a new IMAX poster. This film officially has the best posters ever.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies gets it’s first poster. Smaug looks upset.

Ant-Man finally gets an official concept art poster, almost certainly proving Ant-Man’s huge presence on Marvel’s Saturday panel.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 gets a special SDCC poster.

The Flash gets a new banner also. Much fast. Very speed.

Warcraft now officially has some logo art.

Just a handful of goodies. More to come later. Expect all the big news on Saturday though.

One thought on “San Diego Comic Con 2014 Is Finally Upon Us

  1. Hm. 8 movies, 8 original silver age Marvel comics… Is the Marvel Movie Universe deliberately emulating Marvel real time Universe from the golden age of Marvel (which confusingly was the official Silver Age)?

    And can I stop typing Marvel and Age? Apparently not.


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