Get a Closer Look at Ben Affleck’s Batman Cowl

Keen eyed fans at SDCC noticed this image of Ben Affleck’s Batman on a montage wall. I love the texture of the leather on the cowl. What do you think?

You may also like these props/costume variants featuring cape and cowl, also on the show floor.

6 thoughts on “Get a Closer Look at Ben Affleck’s Batman Cowl

  1. Wow… So it’s not navy and grey. I thought for sure that was the reason for the monochrome photo we got earlier, in line with the dark blue we got from Frank Millar and JIm Lee’s batman… They must be saving that coloring for his second costume


      1. I wouldn’t say this disproves that altogether. It leaves a lot to be desired of what goes under the cowl. Not enough to distinguish the proper color.


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