What Are You Reading Currently?


Morning guys, just thought I’d make a quick post, get in touch with my readers. I want to know what you’ve been reading lately? Several different books? A series of novels? Catching up on your comics? Is something you read recently worth my checking out? I want to know. Last night I finished the graphic novel X-Men: No More Humans, and throughout the past week or so I’ve been listening to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan (which bundles together books 1&2 of the Riyria Revelations, a 6-part series). I’ll be reviewing them shortly. To Kill a Mockingbird has recently just become available on Audiobook for the first time in the books history.

Anything you want to read that I’ve reviewed previously? Let me know. If you want to catch the two books I’m currently reading, click the links below to grab a copy.

Buy Theft of Swords for $16.00 on Amazon.

Buy To Kill a Mockingbird on Audiobook for $23.86 on Amazon.

54 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Currently?

  1. Finally got round to reading Crimson Empire 3 last week, that was definitely worth the wait for! spalanz.com/2014/08/01/empire-lost/

    I’ve now moved onto David Eddings’ Tamuli trilogy, not a bad start for the first book, Domes of Fire. If it’s anything like the Elenium, it should be pretty awesome!


      • CCKoepp

        It was good, but I can definitely see why it was controversial. There’s a lot of pontificating about social theories.

        On one level, I didn’t care for how the final big battle ended, but on another, that seemed like a logical, reasonable thing to happen. (No spoilers!)

        Still, a very engaging story. I definitely enjoyed it more than Gateway, the Hugo/Nebula winner I read before Starship Troopers.


  2. I’m reading a non-ficiton book now: How Not To Be Wrong, which is about mathematics. There aren’t many formulas (you will learn why 0.999999… really does eqaul 1), but it’s still plenty geeky. I’m about 25% thru so far and having fun. 🙂


  3. Rabindranauth

    Stephen Baxter’s The Time Ships. A really amazing book. It’s written to be a “sequel” to Wells’ The Time Machine, except it’s a lot more speculative and inclined towards hard science fiction. An excellent read that doesn’t pull a single punch so far.


  4. Just read The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith… so good… even better than the first in the series… so if you like detective novels check it out… or even if you don’t cause it’s not usually my thing but these are pretty groovy…


  5. Don’t laugh, but I’m just re-reading my collection of Heavy Metal magazines from the ’80s and just finished a novel by Ruth Ozeki called A Tale for the Time Being – Japanese pop culture, historical fiction and even a little woo-woo [sci-fi] LOVED it.


  6. I just finished reading Ready Player One which was probably my favorite book. The mixture of virtual reality in a broken society was amazing. Currently I am reading Dark Eden which is about a culture on an alien planet. So far it’s pretty good.


  7. electricscribbles

    I’m currently reading “When The Devil Dances” by John Ringo. I don’t know why I keep re-reading that series but it’s one of my favorites.


      • electricscribbles

        It’s been out since the early 2000’s. The book i’m reading is the 3rd in the series. The series is commonly called the “Legacy of the Aldenata” or the “Posleen War Series” after the main alien baddies.

        The basic premise is that there is a massive galactic society that is at war with one species and the only reason they make themselves known to earth is that they are so advanced they’ve lost any will or ability to actually fight. Humans are exceedingly good at that so they use us as their fighting force while also trying to keep us down at the same time.

        Lots of action, military sci/fi. I like all of John Ringo’s stuff but this series is my favorite. If you count the side stories and off shoots there’s about a dozen books in the series at this point.


  8. Recently finished Well of Ascension from the Mistborn trilogy, so I’m probably going to pick up Hero of Ages soon. I usually take breaks between high fantasy series, but ugh, Sanderson tends to make me WANT to keep going even when I have a backlog of other books I should be reading. At some point I also probably need to obtain a copy of his other books, but I’m not sure where to start past the Mistborn series.

    And I know it’s no substitute for the actual books, but I also have started on the graphic novel versions of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, which to me kind of makes the books go a bit faster!


    • Well. Interesting you mention Sanderson. I personally recommend his new series, The Stormlight Archive, starting with The Way of Kings. Most of his fans agree that this series is his shining masterpiece. But I’ll have to check out the Mistborn books to be personally sure of that. They’re on my backlog.


      • I will have to try Stormlight then. A few of my friends have been raving over Words of Radiance lately, and I understand that’s the sequel to The Way of Kings. I imagine his writing evolved between Mistborn and Stormlight, so I am looking forward to that!


  9. Hopefully it’ll be “Watching war films with my Dad” by comedian and all round good bloke Al Murray aka the pub landlord. After just listening to a review where he recounts a tale of watching A Bridge Too Far at the cinema and his dad shouting out loud “thats not a Tiger tank its a bloody modern Leopard tank” it brings back some very familiar memories.


  10. I’m reading Hamlet, because I own and helped Kickstart To Be or Not to Be, a choose your own adventure kind of humor book based on Hamlet. And I ‘m embarrassed to say that I’m not very familiar with the twists and turns of the original play! So, to get more enjoyment out of the funny book, I decided to read the original. I’m almost done!


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