Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 & 2 – A Look Back

Last weekend, during Marvel Studios’ panel they offered attendees quite a bit of footage of Avenger: Age of Ultron, as well conceptual footage of Ant-Man, and they even went as far as to announce Guardians 2. So it’s no wonder this gorgeous 5 minute video montage, looking back at the highlights of their Phase 1 & 2 films went under the radar. Marvel has now officially released that video, which I’ll embed below. Wait till the very end for a special tease at Thanos, as played by Josh Brolin.


4 thoughts on “Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 & 2 – A Look Back

  1. Wow! That’s an incredible collection. And they’re all interlinked like the comic book crossovers? Even better. 🙂


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