Teasers, Trailers, and Clips – Robot of Sherwood

Here is each teaser, trailer, or clip from today’s upcoming episode of Doctor Who, Robot of Sherwood. I won’t be catching it tonight, as I’ll be attending a wedding, but I should have my review of the episode up for you sometime tomorrow.

Next Time Trailer

TV Trailer

Clip 1

Clip 2

How are you enjoying the new season/new Doctor thus far?

6 thoughts on “Teasers, Trailers, and Clips – Robot of Sherwood

  1. My criteria for the Doctor is: How much fun am I having watching it? So, I don’t fancy myself as a serious critic. Just the guy sitting at home enjoying the show.

    Enjoyed the trip to Sherwood Forrest.

    The reconciliation of ‘real’ and ‘not real’ becomes an issue. The Doctor explaining to Robin that he is legend, and not real. However, Robin Hood points a sword at the Doctor’s legendary status as well giving the Doctor more reason to ponder the point, and possibly questioning his own existence.

    Clara, and the new Doctor play very well off each other to increase the enjoyment.

    Robots showed up in this episode, and while I’m getting tired of bots at least these were not Daleks.


  2. Hmmm well as I had feared from the trailers I wasn’t too sure about this one and I have to say its a bit of a dud from Gattiss who seems to be running out of original ideas very fast. Don’t get me wrong its not awful, its just naff. Nice to see the Troughton pic (I think in the Robin Hood stills) and Clara gets the best of the dialogue but really it was just too silly for me. However I think the set will be revisited as the castle was CGI’d (is that a word?) over the original ruin of Bodiam Castle (look it up as its an impressive classic style castle) just down the road from where I live and still in good condish so I reckon it’ll pop up again later on considering the underlying story arc.


    1. Incidentally, Bodiam Castle was also featured as the exterior (its now just a ruin/shell) for location shots for Peter Davisons 1983 story “The Kings Demon’s” (6J) which sadly was another dud!


  3. I’ve heard a lot about the new season for sure, and not all of it favorable, but all the clips I’ve seen look interesting. I’ll have to wait for it to hit Netflix next summer.


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