Time Heist Promo Pics

And for whatever reason, I cannot sleep tonight, so this’ll be post number four for me. Sorry for my torrential posting. I promise this is the last. Just need to get it out of my system.

A few days ago the BBC released 13 official images promoting this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, Time Heist. I’ve been too busy to post, but here they are now (if you haven’t already seen them). Enjoy!














6 thoughts on “Time Heist Promo Pics

  1. This was actually a good episode until you get to the end… and the flashbacks force you to ask the question of why they are doing something that they kind of already did? I will spare the details until a review of the episode in case some haven’t watched it yet.


  2. I’ll reserve full judgment until after the episode airs… but on a general note, I do wish that a show about Time Travel would take us to places in the past and future that we haven’t been before at least sometimes.

    I have no problem with some revisiting of eras and characters even… but lets tread some new ground sometimes!


  3. Bloody hell it’s not set in the bloody fifty first century AGAIN is it?

    Blimey. Talk about going to the same well too many times…


    1. I thought the same thing. What’s up with that?! Does it just have a ring to it or are these writers honestly just not thinking and subconsciously choosing the same time period?!

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      1. It’s another irritating Moffism.

        I am not sure if you’ve encountered let alone read the About Time series of critique books on Who, if not please do- some of their commentary is ignorant, not only of reality in general but for example science in particular- but as arch-anorak fans they nail Moff to the wall for his faults in a way that many of the cringe inducing online fans cough cough gallifrey base cough never do… 🙂


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