Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Heavy Is the Head (EPISODE REVIEW)

Heavy Is the Head, the second episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2, spins interesting twists and turns for the undercover agents. It leaves us with more questions than ever, and ultimately tops last week’s premiere. We’ve got excellent character building for several of the new team members, and many of last season’s still-open mysteries were reopened.

Agent Lance Hunter had a messy first episode last week, which ended on a relatively low note – his car crashed, his team died, and the 084 reason they died was stolen by the element-absorbing Crusher Creel. Well, turns out he’s kind of a jerk, in it solely for his own purposes. He quickly sides with Colonel Talbot, who wishes desperately to take Coulson under custody, for a couple million (and a proper burial for his deceased friend and agent Izzy Hartley). My issue with episode primarily lies with him. I kind of don’t like him already. He claims to have been really close with Hartley, but wants to take her pay now that she’s deceased (and yeah, that’s besides the fact he was offered two million). He just seems a bit of an opportunistic prick. And yet, you’d think after the whole HYDRA apostasy thing within the organization, Coulson would be a little more picky about who he wants on his immediate team of associates.

Coulson is another, far more interesting story. Despite the never ending pissing contest between him and Talbot, we learn a little more about his episodes. At the end of the first season Coulson is found carving a strange pattern of symbols into the wall. Well, it turns out he’s capable of controlling when those episodes occur, but they do appear to build up inside him, burning for release. This is an excellent plot item. I can’t fathom what they’ve got in store for us. Could it have anything to do with a future Marvel film?

The continued plugging of Agent Peggy Carter this season is already growing a bit irksome. I understand that the new S.H.I.E.L.D. team is in a similar position of rebirth like the original team that began with her, but if you’re going to show her, make her more integral (like the premier episode last week). And why why why does Coulson keep saying that atrocious line, “Go dark”? There’s gotta be something better than that.

I liked the interplay of the several different factions of villains. The episode juggled it all very smoothly. There’s Talbot and the army. Raina and Centipede. And the most looming yet, HYDRA and the absorbing Creel. Turns out Creel couldn’t handle the unique power of the 084. Guess he wasn’t quite as “worthy” as, say, Raina is by the end of the episode. What was up with that, by the way? So many questions. But really, all Creel had to do was relax? That was it?! And why, after Hunter takes the sniper from his fellow Agent does he need to blow his cover and get up close and personal to Creel to shoot. It’s a sniper. There’s a scope. But that one scene with the bullet glancing off his head was uber cool.

Fitz! My poor Agent Fitz. Hands down my favorite character throughout last season, we struggle to see him coping with the apparent departure of his close friend Simmons. Why did she leave? Guess we’ll find out next episode. But it’s nice seeing the new guy Mac taking an interest in helping him out. I really feel so bad for him. Gah..

8 thoughts on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Heavy Is the Head (EPISODE REVIEW)

  1. I figured Lance to be the prototypical rogue with a heart that they made him to be by the end… he’s a mercenary but he doesn’t just take his money from anyone. Coulson’s speech to him about needing someone willing to break the rules sometimes was interesting in that it is a change in Coulson from the “we follow the rules” Coulson from season 1.

    I figured Lance wasn’t a good shot… so it didn’t bother me that he got closer. I’m pretty sure Simmons will be a red-herring thing… I could be wrong, and to be frank… Joss Whedon’s fingerprint is to turn things around when you don’t expect it… so revealing Ward as a badguy seemed to fit the Whedon mold of hiding the badguy in plain sight… but it’s even more Whedonesque to let you think that was all there was and then do it again to you!


  2. I don’t find Hunter that terrible, not entirely trustworthy, but also not unlikable. He wanted the paycheck of his former team members for their families and he returned the necklace of Izzy’s mom to her sister. So, I don’t think he’s a bad guy at heart.
    As for the sniper thing, I didn’t understand that either. Maybe he’s just a bad shooter and didn’t think he could pull it off? That’s probably the most unlikely reason considering that he’s a mercenary hahahaha
    I really wonder what’s going on with Coulson! It’s so intriguing!
    Fitz keeps to break my heart in every scene. He’s always been my favourite and he continues to be it in this season.
    If what I saw in the promo for next week is true, I am going to freak out!!


      1. Back in the day, when I found out about Ward, I was just hoping that it was all a mistake. That he’s just undercover or something … maybe this time they will have mercy on me and won’t ruin good and kind Simmons. Although, I am actually already furious at her for leaving Fitz ….


  3. I’m really enjoying this season so far, and I’ve high expectations for it. Better start by far than last season. Instead of “go dark”, Colson could just say, “Hide.” Same idea, fewer words. I’m very interested to see how the show blends with The Avengers: AOU in May.


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