Bee and Puppycat Returns November 6, 2014!

How’s it goin folks? I’ve got some good news for you to salivate over. Bee and Puppycat, the ridiculously popular web-cartoon, is set to return with 9 new episodes in its own official series come November 6. Don’t know who the heck Bee and Puppycat are? Well, back in July and August of last year a two-part animated episode entitled Bee and Puppycat was released online via Cartoon Hangover’s YouTube channel, and since then those two parts (which together amount to no more than 10 minutes of footage) have hit an almost cult status.

In October of last year a Kickstarter began to raise $600,000 to put the cartoon out as a full series. It met that goal with 6 days to spare, and by the end of it all they pledged $872,133, making it the most successful animation Kickstarter in history (as of its funding date), the #4 film/video Kickstarter ever (only bested by 3 Hollywood based projects), and the #1 YouTube based Kickstarter.

From the people that bring you Adventure Time, The Regular Show, Bravest Warriors, etc., Bee and Puppycat is one of those series you’ve got to check out. So take ten minutes and watch both parts together below.

When I went to the NYCC this past week, I chose to go over to the Kaboom! booth. They’re in charge of coming up with the Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Bee and Puppycat comics, etc., so I asked them to draw me a special cover with Finn of Adventure Time riding Puppycat. It’s probably my favorite comic in my collection currently, as you can see.


Cartoon Hangover 2014 Lineup

2 thoughts on “Bee and Puppycat Returns November 6, 2014!

  1. Really excited for this, I missed the NYCC panel but those who did got to see a new episode. From what I’ve heard its as good if not better than the first


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