Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Face My Enemy (EPISODE REVIEW)

This week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was another strong episode for the series, which is now on its second season. Agent May and Coulson go undercover at a ball to retrieve a painting that has those strange other-worldly marks on the back – the same marks Phil carves onto his walls every now and then. While they galavant, the rest of the team is up in in the S.H.I.E.L.D. jet aiding them via earpiece communicators, which means that essentially they’re just hanging out.

But wait, lets stop and talk about Agent May for a second. This was a huge episode for her, not only for character development, but as an acting opportunity for Ming-Na Wen. She dominated this episode with a vengeance. This may be the best Agent May episode there is. Why? Well we got that excellent laugh out of her. How great was that? I may have replayed it. And the dance scene with Coulson – you could tell she was enjoying herself immensely. That dress was a bit tacky though…

Then there was the face replication technology that lead to one of the best fight scenes in the show (maybe the best actually to date). Agent May vs fake May. That was a LOT of fun. Agent May was one of my least favorite characters last season, but this brought her to life for me. I clapped a few times, especially when she knocked the fake May out in slow motion. Slow motion is always welcome guys. More of it.

The sabotaging of the jet seemed to have an incredibly simple solution, which was a shame. Could’ve played off the drama with May and heightened the situation by making it seem more dramatic. But from it Fitz has made a new pal: Lance Hunter. Each episode we see Fitz get just slightly better and that progressive cycle is continuously melting my heart. I love that guy to bits. The scene where he’s sharing his tales over a beer. Yes.

Apparently Coulson feels he’ll eventually become incapable of doing his job, and will perhaps turn on S.H.I.E.L.D. similarly to Agent Garrett last season. Does this have to do with the symbols he continues to draw? I love the scene at the end where Agent May tells him that she refuses to let him die, and will never shoot him. It tells you something about her loyalty, and trust in him. I await this threads resolution intently.

I have to say that Talbot, the jerk he is, is quickly becoming one of my favorite regulars. He’s so crooked and straightforward that his occasional humor sits really well with me. Not that he tries to be humorous, but when Coulson tells him about how a fake Talbot was attempting to steal a painting, he says something along the lines of “you obviously don’t know anything about me… a painting?!” Great interplay between the two. They’re eventually going to team up at some point. It has to happen. What’d you think about this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Let me know below.

6 thoughts on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Face My Enemy (EPISODE REVIEW)

  1. I’m reading into things a bit… but eventually Fitz should be “fixed” somehow.

    The group thinks he has brain damage and permanent at that… but we see that he is talking to himself, and his faux Simmons is filling in the stuff that he can’t get out of his mouth.

    This essentially proves all his intellect is still intact… because he is solving problems… it’s just taking a split personality to do so… but that means there is a path to healing him eventually because he hasn’t lost that intelligence permanently like everyone else thinks.

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    1. Nice comment. I agree with you there. Hopefully it’ll get pulled out a few more episodes, and a little more naturally than just an episode to “fix” him. Maybe he needs Whitehall to give him some brainwashing. I hope thats not the case however.


      1. That’s funny… I hadn’t actually thought about it… but his split intellect might make him uniquely positioned to survive such a braincleansing and it might have the unanticipated effect of curing him too.

        I think I read somewhere that maybe part of Simmons’ undercover mission was to try and find a way to help Fitz, so that could come into play eventually.


  2. Completely agree about Fitz (and May’s dress). I get what they are doing with his character this season but I just want them to cut to the chase and bring back old Fitz (or however close they could get).

    Really liked that bit with him opening up about his relationships and Simmons though.


  3. I’ve liked May since day one. I’d like to see her get into one of the Marvel movies for a minute or two. She was awesome last night, from her undercover character to what we all know about her.

    I’m digging the whole Fitz story too. The actor is pulling this off really well.

    Now if only Talbot could lead to a Hulk cameo.


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