Benedict Cumberbatch to Play Doctor Strange

Just today news was leaked through Deadline that Benedict Cumberbatch is set to star in Marvel’s upcoming film Doctor Strange as the eponymous Stephen Strange. At least, his sources are telling him, Cumberbatch is in final talks with the studio (which usually means it’s a done deal). I’m a believer, far more so than when Joaquin Phoenix was “in final talks”. Cumberbatch hasn’t denied his involvement thus far, and a few months ago stoked that fire in an interview.

Regardless, this news is set to implode Tumblr. May it finally see rest. What are your thoughts on the (as of yet still officially unconfirmed) casting news? Is Blueberry Pumkinpatch worthy of joining the ranks of RDJ, Hemsworth, and Johansson?

15 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch to Play Doctor Strange

  1. It isn’t so much Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Khan being cast. Bit like how familiar faces were always sellotaped into Bond films to help the box office. I doubt he will commit to the role in the acting sense, but a lot is going to depend on the actual story chosen for the film- if it’s nothing more than an origin story, and it avoids the more recent awfulness done to the character, it will no doubt slot itself in for a solid return on investment.

    Honestly though, Doctor Strange, and through him the Greatest Non-Team Of All fairly shouts to be done as a netflix “television” show- Buffy meets Doctor Who with a never ending series of guest starring villains and heroes who need a boost in popularity.

    The movie universe is interlocking continuity at its best, but just as with the comicbooks of yesteryear from Marvel when they too had continuity, if you let too many rottish fish in the whole meal is spoiled.

    Aim high but be mindful as the Tarot card says. 🙂

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  2. Benedict Cumberbatch is is one of the finest actors of our time he is also one of the luckiest just think about the roles he has played and the massive movie franchise he will be in like star trek, the hobbit, and maybe star wars and not to mention his sherlock holmes so yes I would love to see him as doctor strange he would fit the part quite nicely

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    1. Mere actors play roles! STARS always play THEMSELVES!

      That’s why 9/10 Tom Cruise films are so freaking awful. And I hate to say it, ditto Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

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  3. He’s not what I imagine when I think of Doctor Strange, who strikes me as sort of a more serious and all knowing type (where as Cumberpatch seems to tend to play more brooding and eccentric characters). Can he pull it off though? I would say most likely he can in his own probably unique way. Sort of an interesting choice since Marvel seems to like to hire lesser known (or less established) actors for parts (though certainly not all the time).


  4. I’m not thrilled, nor am I upset. He’s a solid actor. He also seems like the kind of guy who could really get into it both on screen and off. That’s what they need at Marvel, so I think it will work. That said, I’m not really digging it as I don’t know how in love I’ll be with the portrayal simply because of Cumberbatch. While, I think he’s a great actor, I’ve never fell for his charm and that’s key with Strange.


  5. like the actor in everything I’ve seen him in, but not as Doctor Strange.

    Strange is suppose to be an experienced surgeon in his mid-40s from NY, can he really play that role?


    1. Well, he’s excelled at most every role he’s been given, from Holmes to Khan. I dont see why an accomplished actor like himself shouldnt be capable of portraying him.

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  6. I remember a time when he was rumored to be in the running for Doctor Who.

    So, to paraphrase Paul McGann from “Night of the Doctor”…

    Cumberbatch is a Doctor… just not the one you were expecting. 🙂

    I think he could do good with this role… and the Marvel Universe could certainly cast far worse. I think he is a big enough personality to hold his own with the rest of the actors in the fold already.


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