Star Wars Episode VII Will Be Titled ‘The Force Awakens’

Welp. Star Wars Episode VII, helmed by none other than J.J. Abrams, finished wrapping filming last week. And today? Today the team have revealed the official title card. Star Wars Episode VII is currently titled (as this could easily change as the release date approaches) ‘The Force Awakens‘.


Interestingly, if this title card is any indicator, it looks as if Disney may not be marketing this as “Episode VII”. Or I may be reading into things too far. Regardless, ‘The Force Awakens‘ is both very ambiguous (as has always been the case with Star Wars titles) and particularly thought provoking. What exactly about the Force is awaking? Is it that all of a sudden the Force is capable of being used by more people? Is some new form of the Force being tapped into? Or perhaps it’s merely the story of a Jedi awakening/reawakening his own abilities with the Force. Guess we’ll have to wait until December 18, 2015 to find out.

In other news, I’m hearing from multiple sources that the first full trailer for The Force Awakens is cut and finished. We’ll be seeing something on that very soon I reckon.

3 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII Will Be Titled ‘The Force Awakens’

  1. This sounds strangely like a season finale to a TV show. From what I know about the SW universe (which is based exclusively on the Original Trilogy), this could be big revelation moment. I’m picturing the (probably) Sith villain standing high mountain during a small but epic climax telling the main hero “It’s time you knew what the Force really is…”. Now I haven’t seen Episode I, but the midi-chlorians sounds like something that takes the magic out of everything the force is supposed to be, and that this might be a planned retcon of that. What the Force could actually turn out to be is beyond me, since I’m not engaged with the spin-off media to the point that I can come up with these kind of ideas. But that makes it equally exciting for me, since I don’t have any outside influences that could make it obvious. Personally, I can’t wait.

    And it probably will still be called Episode VII, but that doesn’t (to me) constitute enough significance to be part of an announcement, since it was a given anyway. With the spin-offs happening, Disney will probably be quite keen on using episode numbering to differentiate between them. Unless it isn’t called Episode VII. But that’s not something I’d be prepared to make a fuss over. Story is everything, and I’m sure that if they’ve omitted some Roman numerals, a lot of debate will have gone into it for a good reason.

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