The 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special Will Be Titled… Last Christmas

Yes, the BBC have at last revealed the title to the upcoming Christmas special episode. Last Christmas, as penned by Steven Moffat. But this begs the question: who’s last Christmas? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

They’ve also dropped two pictures for your perusal. Not much to them. Pretty standard fare up to this point.


17 thoughts on “The 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special Will Be Titled… Last Christmas

  1. They keep forgetting the Jason and the Argonauts rule for British christmas specials- it’s a special for Christmas, not a special ABOUT Christmas. All this kitsch Christmas-ism in the “specials” has made most of them stink on ice.

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      1. Its one of those things that is a very scary prospect but might actually work if tried. Personally, I’d much rather a female showrunner


  2. I’m really NOT looking forward to this special. I have hated EVERY Christmas special which year on year seem to be getting worse and worse plumbing the depths of all the cheesy elements of Christmas, condescending with an insipid saccharine sweet moral of the story message for the kiddies at the end and topped off with some awful mood music from the unimaginative brain cell of Murray Gold. Being tied to a Christmas theme/motif might have worked say ONCE but every year? Come on!!

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  3. Subtle… but there’s a difference between being titled “THE Last Christmas” and merely “Last Christmas”… I expect the “Last Christmas” has to do with not only being Christmas, but in being last year Christmas.

    This could even be a story set last year just after the regeneration into Capaldi… OR it could be revisiting last year’s Christmas where the Doctor was somewhere else.

    All avenues are open I suspect.

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