The Flash: Power Outage (EPISODE REVIEW)

This’ll be an exceptionally short review. It’s been a very busy week for me. But I felt the episode, Power Outage, was strong in most areas. I loved the idea of Wells being so very terrified that Barry’s lack of powers so drastically changes the future. The fact that he is willing to sacrifice other metahumans for the sake of his future purpose is terribly intriguing. What exactly is his endgame? He’s literally herding Barry towards the future he needs to happen. Let’s see where that goes. Also, the blood sample he takes from the metahuman at the end could be used for the eventual Reverse Flash, although we already know he exists in the present. So many questions. Meanwhile, Iris’ confrontation with The Clock King was a nuisance to sit through.

I wanted to post this now before the next episode arrives tonight. The Flash vs. Arrow. Very exciting. Hopefully I can avoid these short reviews in the future. I apologize. This month I’ll be rushing to get my book reviews done before the year’s out, so I’ll have to manage time slightly better.

One thought on “The Flash: Power Outage (EPISODE REVIEW)

  1. This episode definitely showed Wells’ approach to Barry as being almost an experiment… it seemed beforehand he was like obsessed with Barry and him becoming this person he wanted him to be… but now it’s like just to see what happens… I don’t know… Wells is getting more and more confusing for me… and what’s with the yellow dude… that junk was crazy…

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