Marvel VS. DC – Check Out This Incredible Fan Trailer

In a strange turn of events, North Korea’s insane Sony hack released thousands of emails and files to the public, including TONS of back and forth between Marvel and Sony about how Spider-Man would be handled down the line. This has led many to believe that Spider-Man could be included in future Marvel movies, such as Avengers: Infinity War, or perhaps sooner (as in Captain America: Civil War). This possible tease for fans of the superhero genre is the definition of tantalizing. Sony and Marvel might soon be in cahoots.

But one movie we’ll likely never ever see? An Avengers VS JLA film. The rights would just be too tricky. Thankfully there are some truly brilliant people out there on the Internet who feel the need to show us what a merge like that would mean: truly epic battles. If you haven’t already checked out the fan-made trailer that pits Marvel’s characters vs DC’s you should really take a few minutes to bask in its immensity. It’s well-spliced to look as though the different heroes from the different universes are actually battling it out.

Mind you, it might be TOO epic. A movie with that many fight scenes and characters would really need to be broken up, unless there’s nothing to it except fighting. And what the heck was Gandalf’s voice doing in there?

I apologize again for the lack of content on the blog. It’s been a busy few weeks. Reading two books back to back. Listening to a third (which I may have a review up soon). Mapping the Cosmere. Work. And planning a wedding.

6 thoughts on “Marvel VS. DC – Check Out This Incredible Fan Trailer

  1. Unfortunately the idea of these kinds of crossovers is usually better than the execution. It would be really difficult to pull off a major crossover with a lot of characters in just a single movie… and it takes so long between movies that you would have to structure the story in an odd way to have good breaks.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing one Marvel and one DC character in a movie… IF they could ever figure out the rights insanity for such a thing… but I think that’s all I could feel like they could execute well since it would also mean 1 Marvel and 1 DC villain to counter each hero… so 4 major characters to juggle in maybe a 2.5-3 hour movie… that’s hard to pull off without complicating it with other major characters.

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  2. This reminds me of the DC vs Marvel Comics line that they both ran together, which ended in the creation of an Amalgam Universe. If DC and Marvel ever were to collaborate like this, there’d probably be too much pedantry between them for it to work, since Marvel would want all their heroes to win, and DC would want all their heroes to win. They probably wouldn’t even allow them to fight, since it could make one character look better than the other. In a way, I’m glad this won’t ever be possible, because it could never be as awesome as I imagine it.

    Though if it ever did happen, I wouldn’t care who won. So long as wasn’t Superman.


    1. Well. Superman would win, either way. In the JLA/Avengers crossover it took a few peeps to take him down. Although I am biased because he’s my favorite superhero (being the first), I don’t think I’m alone. Even within Marvel’s writing gurus, Supes is held on that untouchable pedestal. Not even Stan the Man Lee’s superego can deny him the title of best. He’s the Tom Baker of the comic book world.

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  3. Are you really wondering what Gandalfs aka Sir Ian McKellen’s aka Magneto’s voice was doing in that video? He was not shown, but some of the X-Men were and the line fits quite well. It sounds like it was from one of the first three movies, though I couldn’t say which one for certain…

    I think, while the concept of the worlds clashing would be interesting there at least should be a reason why they all end up fighting each other…and a bit plot would be nice too…

    Regardless of that, it is quite an epic and really well made trailer.

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      1. See, I didn’t catch Magneto in the video and I wasn’t sure if you meant only Gandalfs voice or if it was really a Gandalf-line. 😀

        I haven’t seen the Hobbit in English, but it could as well have been taken from one of the X-Men movies regarding the choice between siding with mutants or humans.


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