Watch the First Trailer for Syfy’s Big New Series ‘The Expanse’

I’ve been toting this series since I began reading Leviathan Wakes last year. It’s darn good. James S.A. Corey’s work on the Expanse series is truly epic literature, and a strong piece of Science Fiction in general. It’s been toted as Game of Thrones in space, and after reading it I know why (what with the protomolecule and all). And since Syfy picked up the title for a straight to series, 10 episode run, I’ve been holding my breath. But I need hold it no longer – the trailer looks excellent.

Right off the bat, it looks like this might be more a trailer for the first half of the season. I’m actually expecting most of this footage to be found in the pilot itself. Much of it seems to deal with the interplanetary political environment that’s been set up in the books. But there’s so much more to look forward to.

For those interested in this series, but want to test the waters now, read the books. The Expanse is one of my favorite series, and if it’s done right, this’ll be the next big Game of Thrones-type show (minus the fantasy and multiply the sci-fi).

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10 thoughts on “Watch the First Trailer for Syfy’s Big New Series ‘The Expanse’

    1. I think its compared thematically to Thrones. The books are anyway. Because it’s all about political drama while there’s an unknown threat growing in the background.


      1. See I wouldn’t compare the books either, lol. The political stuff is nowhere near as prominent as GoT. It is still there of course but the focus are different. GoT is a large scope where as Expanse is narrow focus.

        Dune would be a more apt comparison to GoT from a scifi setting (imo). Even then still different enough.

        I would compare the Expanse more to Firefly, which is how someone explained it to me (and what sold me on it, lol).

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  2. Super excited. I seems like they’re focusing a lot more on the political side of things, and it looks like we might get a bit more back story. The scene where the marines are walking down the hallway with all the corpses… someone talks about slaughtering the belters. Makes me think that’s Anderson Station instead of Eros. I’m really loving all the small details they kept from the books, Alex is even wearing his ring!

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