Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Trailer #1)

So this leaked on Thursday night, after the Star Wars trailer dropped. Warner Bros. eventually just gave in and released the trailer online, after making plans to introduce the trailer to special theaters.

You’ve probably already seen the leaked teaser from SDCC from last year (although WB has been pretty thorough about deleted it), but this is far better. If you haven’t seen it (I’d be surprised if you haven’t), do check it out.

One thing keen-eyed viewers may have noticed is that it makes Superman out to be almost a tyrant-like God, with people worshiping him as such. There’s even a shot of a swat-like team with the Superman shield on their shoulder plates. I think this is purposely throwing us off. I don’t foresee the Superman they created for Man of Steel, who was raised by Martha and Jonathan Kent, to be capable of ruling the world like the Kryptonians wanted to. It’s also being made to look purposefully very dark, with Batman apparently willing to kill – Again, I feel this is a red herring to get us talking.

9 thoughts on “Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Trailer #1)

  1. The vibe I got from it was fanboyish. Everyone talking about how Superman is overpowered and doesn’t actually have a morality, with the whole “Batman’s better ’cause he’s a mortal Human” argument that you’ll hear in any exchange between a Superman fanboy (fanboy, not fan) and a Batman fanboy.

    My favourite shot was where it said “false God”, just because it reminded me of the way people can worship characters if they’re powerful enough to resemble Jesus.

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    1. Good catch. Perhaps this is the case. I doubt they’ll go down the fanboy path altogether, especially being this is definitely trying way too hard to take itself as seriously as possible. But who knows. I really hope it doesn’t go that route. I hope the film isn’t really about “can Batman really beat Superman?”


      1. Yeah, it’s funny actually, looking at the stuff they put on Facebook. Whenever anything’s posted about Batman or Superman, most of the comments are flame wars between the two’s supporters. Hopefully this will be a reality check for the kind of fans disconnected from reality. Personally, I don’t care if there’s a winner or what the outcome is, but just that the two biggest superheroes are fighting each other for the first time. The result will definitely shape which way the DC Shared Universe is going. And yet, I also know that it’s unlikely for them not to reach a compromise. Whatever happens, this is probably going to be the most controversial comic book movie ever. I’ll just sit back, grab the popcorn and watch the most futile argument in the history of the Internet, it’s gonna be awesome!

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  2. Yeah… I think they are showing us Batman and Superman, but the voice we are hearing in the trailer is speaking about a different part of the movie. It makes zero sense for Superman to kill Zod in the previous movie so he doesn’t take over only for Superman himself to take over!

    My guess would be this movie ends up being a variation of a Justice League story that has been told a few times where an alien race is trying to take over and the heroes come together to defeat it. There also could be elements of the Glorious Godfrey anti-hero campaign going on as well.

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  3. Ehh… I was disappointed in the trailer … after the joyful and triumphant Star Wars Episode VII trailer, this just looked monotonous and dreary and dark and drunk on its own self importance … Maybe just a case of bad timing, but after “Chewie, we’re home”, I could not enjoy this on its own merits …

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