Arrow and The Flash Viewing Order


Arrow: S1

  • Arrow 1×01: Pilot
  • Arrow 1×02: Honor Thy Father
  • Arrow 1×03: Lone Gunmen
  • Arrow 1×04: An Innocent Man
  • Arrow 1×05: Damaged
  • Arrow 1×06: Legacies
  • Arrow 1×07: Muse of Fire
  • Arrow 1×08: Vendetta
  • Arrow 1×09: Year’s End
  • Arrow 1×10: Burned
  • Arrow 1×11: Trust But Verify
  • Arrow 1×12: Vertigo
  • Arrow 1×13: Betrayal
  • Arrow 1×14: The Odyssey
  • Arrow 1×15: Dodger
  • Arrow 1×16: Dead to Rights
  • Arrow 1×17: The Huntress Returns
  • Arrow 1×18: Salvation
  • Arrow 1×19: Unfinished Business
  • Arrow 1×20: Home Invasion
  • Arrow 1×21: The Undertaking
  • Arrow 1×22: Darkness on the Edge of Town
  • Arrow 1×23: Sacrifice

Arrow: S2

  • Arrow 2×01: City of Heroes
  • Arrow 2×02: Identity
  • Arrow 2×03: Broken Dolls
  • Arrow 2×04: Crucible
  • Arrow 2×05: League of Assassins
  • Arrow 2×06: Keep Your Enemies Closer
  • Arrow 2×07: State v. Queen
  • Arrow 2×08: The Scientist
  • Arrow 2×09: Three Ghosts
  • Arrow 2×10: Blast Radius
  • Arrow 2×11: Blind Spot
  • Arrow 2×12: Tremors
  • Arrow 2×13: Heir to the Demon
  • Arrow 2×14: Time of Death
  • Arrow 2×15: The Promise
  • Arrow 2×16: Suicide Squad
  • Arrow 2×17: Birds of Prey
  • Arrow 2×18: Deathstroke
  • Arrow 2×19: The Man Under the Hood
  • Arrow 2×20: Seeing Red
  • Arrow 2×21: City of Blood
  • Arrow 2×22: The Streets of Fire
  • Arrow 2×23: Unthinkable

Arrow: S3 | The Flash: S1 | Vixen: Web-Series

  • Arrow 3×01: The Calm
  • The Flash 1×01: Pilot
  • The Flash 1×02: Fastest Man Alive
  • Arrow 3×02: Sara
  • The Flash 1×03: Things You Can’t Outrun
  • Arrow 3×03: Corto Maltese
  • The Flash 1×04: Going Rogue
  • Arrow 3×04: The Magician
  • Arrow 3×05: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak
  • The Flash 1×05: Plastique
  • Arrow 3×06: Guilty
  • The Flash 1×06: The Flash Is Born
  • Arrow 3×07: Draw Back Your Bow
  • The Flash 1×07: Power Outage
  • The Flash 1×08: Flash vs. Arrow
  • Arrow 3×08: The Brave and the Bold
  • The Flash 1×09: The Man in the Yellow Suit
  • Arrow 3×09: The Climb
  • The Flash 1×10: Revenge of the Rogues
  • Arrow 3×10: Left Behind
  • The Flash 1×11: The Sound and the Fury
  • Arrow 3×11: Midnight City
  • The Flash 1×12: Crazy for You
  • Arrow 3×12: Uprising
  • The Flash 1×13: The Nuclear Man
  • Arrow 3×13: Canaries
  • The Flash 1×14: Fallout
  • Arrow 3×14: The Return
  • Vixen 1×01
  • Vixen 1×02
  • Vixen 1×03
  • Vixen 1×04
  • Vixen 1×05
  • Vixen 1×06
  • Arrow 3×15: Nanda Parbat
  • The Flash 1×15: Out of Time
  • The Flash 1×16: Rogue Time
  • Arrow 3×16: The Offer
  • The Flash 1×17: Tricksters
  • Arrow 3×17: Suicidal Tendencies
  • Arrow 3×18: Public Enemy
  • The Flash 1×18: All Star Team Up
  • Arrow 3×19: Broken Arrow
  • The Flash 1×19: Who Is Harrison Wells?
  • Arrow 3×20: The Fallen
  • The Flash 1×20: The Trap
  • Arrow 3×21: Al Sah-him
  • The Flash 1×21: Grodd Lives
  • Arrow 3×22: This Is Your Sword
  • The Flash 1×22: Rogue Air
  • Arrow 3×23: My Name Is Oliver Queen
  • The Flash 1×23: Fast Enough

Optional viewing between seasons:

  • Constantine: Season 1 (This does not need to be placed into the chronological viewing order, because it would heavily disrupt the shows that have always been a part of the Arrowverse and its canon. Constantine, the character developed in this season, has cameo appearances moving forward in the Arrowverse.)
  • Supergirl: Season 1, Eps. 1-17 (The Flash is confirmed to visit her world in 1×18, but her universe is otherwise unaffected by the Arrowverse, and vice versa.)
  • Superhero Fight Club (This promo is actually intended to draw hype for the final episodes of Arrow s3 and The Flash s1, arriving after The Flash 1×18. This is definitely not intended to be canonical. But it’s cool. Watch it here.)

Arrow: S4 | The Flash: S2 | Legends of Tomorrow: S1 | Vixen: S2

  • The Flash 2×01: The Man Who Saved Central City
  • Arrow 4×01: Green Arrow
  • The Flash 2×02: Flash of Two Worlds
  • Arrow 4×02: The Candidate
  • The Flash 2×03: Family of Rogues
  • Arrow 4×03: Restoration
  • The Flash 2×04: The Fury of Firestorm
  • Arrow 4×04: Beyond Redemption
  • The Flash 2×05: The Darkness and the Light
  • Arrow 4×05: Haunted
  • The Flash 2×06: Enter Zoom
  • Arrow 4×06: Lost Souls
  • The Flash 2×07: Gorilla Warfare
  • Arrow 4×07: Brotherhood
  • The Flash 2×08: Legends of Today
  • Arrow 4×08: Legends of Yesterday
  • The Flash 2×09: Running to Stand Still
  • Arrow 4×09: Dark Waters
  • The Flash 2×10: Potential Energy
  • Arrow 4×10: Blood Debts
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×01: Pilot, Part 1
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×02: Pilot, Part 2
  • The Flash 2×11: The Reverse-Flash Returns
  • Arrow 4×11: A.W.O.L.
  • The Flash 2×12: Fast Lane
  • Arrow 4×12: Unchained
  • Arrow 4×13:Sins of the Father
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×03: Blood Ties
  • The Flash 2×13: Welcome to Earth-2
  • The Flash 2×14: Escape from Earth-2
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×04: White Knights
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×05: Fail-Safe
  • Arrow 4×14: Code of Silence
  • The Flash 2×15: King Shark
  • Arrow 4×15: Taken
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×06: Star City 2046
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×07: Marooned
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×08: Night of the Hawk
  • The Flash 2×16: Trajectory
  • Arrow 4×16: Broken Hearts
  • The Flash 2×17: Flash Back
  • Arrow 4×17: Beacon of Hope
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×09: Left Behind
  • Arrow 4×18: Eleven-Fifty-Nine
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×10: Progeny
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×11: The Magnificent Eight
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×12: Last Refuge
  • Arrow 4×19: Canary Cry
  • The Flash 2×18: Versus Zoom
  • Supergirl 1×18: Worlds Finest
  • The Flash 2×19: Back to Normal
  • Chronicles of Cisco 1×01
  • Chronicles of Cisco 1×02
  • Chronicles of Cisco 1×03
  • Chronicles of Cisco 1×04
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×13: Leviathan
  • The Flash 2×20: Rupture
  • Arrow 4×20: Genesis
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×14: River of Time
  • The Flash 2×21: The Runaway Dinosaur
  • Arrow 4×21: Monument Point
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×15: Destiny
  • Legends of Tomorrow 1×16: Legendary
  • The Flash 2×22: Invincible
  • The Flash 2×23: The Race of His Life
  • Arrow 4×22: Lost in the Flood
  • Arrow 4×23: Schism
  • Vixen 2×01
  • Vixen 2×02
  • Vixen 2×03
  • Vixen 2×04
  • Vixen 2×05
  • Vixen 2×06

Arrow: S5 | The Flash: S3 | Legends of Tomorrow: S2 | Supergirl: S2

  • The Flash 3×01: Flashpoint
  • Arrow 5×01: Legacy
  • Supergirl 2×01: The Adventures of Supergirl
  • The Flash 3×02: Paradox
  • Arrow 5×02: The Recruits
  • Legends of Tommorow 2×01: Out of Time
  • Supergirl 2×02: The Last Children of Krypton
  • The Flash 3×03: Magenta
  • Arrow 5×03: A Matter of Trust
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×02: The Justice Society of America
  • Supergirl 2×03: Welcome to Earth
  • The Flash 3×04: The New Rogues
  • Arrow 5×04: Penance
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×03: Shogun
  • Supergirl 2×04: Survivors
  • The Flash 3×05: Monster
  • Arrow 5×05: Human Target
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×04: Abominations
  • Supergirl 2×05: Crossfire
  • Arrow 5×06: So It Begins
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×05: Compromised
  • Supergirl 2×06: Changing
  • The Flash 3×06: Shade
  • Arrow 5×07: Vigilante
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×06: Outlaw Country
  • Supergirl 2×07: The Darkest Place
  • The Flash 3×07: Killer Frost!
  • Supergirl 2×08: Medusa
  • The Flash 3×08: Invasion!
  • Arrow 5×08: Invasion!
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×07: Invasion!
  • The Flash 3×09: The Present
  • Arrow 5×09: What We Leave Behind
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×08: The Chicago Way
  • Supergirl 2×09: Supergirl Lives
  • The Flash 3×10: Borrowing Problems from the Future
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×09: Raiders of the Lost Art
  • Arrow 5×10: Who Are You?
  • Supergirl 2×10: We Can Be Heroes
  • The Flash 3×11: Dead or Alive
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×10: The Legion of Doom
  • Arrow 5×11: Second Chances
  • Supergirl 2×11: The Martian Chronicles
  • The Flash 3×12: Untouchable
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×11: Turncoat
  • Arrow 5×12: Bratva
  • Supergirl 2×12: Luthors
  • Arrow 5×13: Spectre of the Gun
  • Supergirl 2×13: Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk
  • The Flash 3×13: Attack on Gorilla City
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×12: Camelot/3000
  • Arrow 5×14: The Sin-Eater
  • Supergirl 2×14: Homecoming
  • The Flash 3×14: Attack on Central City
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×13: Land of the Lost
  • Arrow 5×15: Fighting Fire with Fire
  • Supergirl 2×15: Exodus
  • The Flash 3×15: The Wrath of Savitar
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×14: Moonshot
  • The Flash 3×16: Into the Speed Force
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×15: Fellowship of the Spear
  • Arrow 5×16: Checkmate
  • Supergirl 2×16: Star-Crossed
  • The Flash 3×17: Duet
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×16: Doomworld
  • Arrow 5×17: Kapiushon
  • Legends of Tomorrow 2×17: Aruba

295 thoughts on “Arrow and The Flash Viewing Order

  1. Taylor

    Be super awesome if someone could finish this list. I have seen a few others but this seems to be best so far everything else is just back and forth with air date and it doesn’t line up so well all the time. Thanks

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    • Miggins

      Hey dickhead,

      I was simply asking if he was gonna finish it? Not demanding he finish it or anything like that. Just a normal request I have seen made numerous times earlier on this forum. Of course we appreciate this guy/girl for the work he/she does i was simply asking when he was gonna finish it. I think your comment was pretty rude and uncalled for. You just totally escalated things out of proportion. It’s not like I’m demanding he starts from scratch and also does a this is us guide too or something. Just a normal simple request and you had to go and make a fuss about it. Hope you can appreciate people asking normal questions or youre a bit of a dick. 🙂


      • KennyB

        Firstly, I didn’t use vulgarity. Secondly, I was responding to this:

        “Guys, it’s already finished. -.-

        Only after I posted my comment. So please stop implying I’m stupid.”

        So, who is the dickhead now?


    • eNerdian

      I finished this using multiple sources, and figured out the correct order of all shows tied in, aside from superhero fight club, which I’m working on..


  3. groundhog

    Any way we can get this updated through the end of the current season of the Arrowverse? I binge these according to this guide on Netflix, and it’s all should be set to go June 1. Thanks!


  4. :)

    Here is what should be the complete order of all series’ episodes this season. Titles might miss an exclamation or question mark here and there and the titles of the final episodes of Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash are yet to be announced. Legends of Tomorrow will conclude this season on Wednesday 5 April and Supergirl will pick up on April 25. All of Vixen and most of Supergirl’s episodes can be watched out of order.

    The Flash S03E01: Flashpoint [2016-10-04]
    Arrow S05E01: Legacy
    Supergirl S02E01: The Adventures of Supergirl
    The Flash S03E02: Paradox
    Arrow S05E02: The Recruits
    Legends of Tommorow S02E01: Out of Time
    Vixen S02E01: Trial By Fire
    Supergirl S02E02: The Last Children of Krypton
    The Flash S03E03: Magenta
    Arrow S05E03: A Matter of Trust
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E02: The Justice Society of America
    Vixen S02E02: Trial By Fire

    Supergirl S02E03: Welcome to Earth [2016-10-24]
    The Flash S03E04: The New Rogues
    Arrow S05E04: Penance
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E03: Shogun
    Vixen S02E03: Trial By Fire
    Supergirl S02E04: Survivors
    The Flash S03E05: Monster
    Arrow S05E05: Human Target
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E04: Abominations
    Vixen S02E04: Trial By Fire
    Supergirl S02E05: Crossfire
    Arrow S05E06: So It Begins
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E05: Compromised
    Vixen S02E05: Trial By Fire

    Supergirl S02E06: Changing [2016-11-14]
    The Flash S03E06: Shade
    Arrow S05E07: Vigilante
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E06: Outlaw Country
    Vixen S02E06: Trial By Fire
    Supergirl S02E07: The Darkest Place
    The Flash S03E07: Killer Frost!
    Supergirl S02E08: Medusa
    The Flash S03E08: Invasion!
    Arrow S05E08: Invasion!
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E07: Invasion!
    The Flash S03E09: The Present
    Arrow S05E09: What We Leave Behind
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E08: The Chicago Way

    Supergirl S02E09: Supergirl Lives [2017-01-23]
    The Flash S03E10: Borrowing Problems from the Future
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E09: Raiders of the Lost Art
    Arrow S05E10: Who Are You
    Supergirl S02E10: We Can Be Heroes
    The Flash S03E11: Dead or Alive
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E10: The Legion of Doom
    Arrow S05E11: Second Chances
    Supergirl S02E11: The Martian Chronicles
    The Flash S03E12: Untouchable
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E11: Turncoat
    Arrow S05E12: Bratva
    Supergirl S02E12: Luthors
    Arrow S05E13: Spectre of the Gun

    The Flash S03E13: Attack on Gorilla City [2017-02-27]
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E12: Camelot
    Supergirl S02E13: Mr. & Mr.s Mxyzptlk
    Arrow S05E14: The Sin-Eater
    Supergirl S02E14: Homecoming
    The Flash S03E14: Attack on Central City
    Arrow S05E15: Fighting Fire with Fire
    Supergirl S02E15: Exodus
    The Flash S03E15: The Wrath of Savitar
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E13: Land of the Lost
    The Flash S03E16: Into the Speed Force
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E14: Moonshot
    Arrow S05E16: Checkmate
    Supergirl S02E16: Star-Crossed (1)
    The Flash S03E17: Duet (2)
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E15: Fellowship of the Spear
    Arrow S05E17: Kapiushon
    Supergirl S02E17: Distant Sun
    The Flash S03E18: Abra Kadabra
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E16: Doomworld
    Arrow S05E18: Disbanded
    Legends of Tomorrow S02E17: Aruba [2017-04-05]

    Supergirl S02E18: Ace Reporter [2017-04-25]
    The Flash S03E19: The Once and Future Flash
    Arrow S05E19: Dangerous Liasons
    Supergirl S02E19
    The Flash S03E20
    Arrow S05E20: Underneath
    Supergirl S02E20
    The Flash S03E21
    Arrow S05E21: Honor Thy Fathers
    Supergirl S02E21
    The Flash S03E22
    Arrow S05E22: Missing
    Supergirl S02E22
    The Flash S03E23
    Arrow S05E23 [2017-05-25]



    Why has this list been long forgotten about? Left to rot, and die? Where are we to turn now, for a proper list of the correct order to watch a bunch CW shows?


  6. Tiffany

    I know there’s a gap between the above list and what I’m listing, but I hope it helps! I got this information from the original air date of each episode listed on the CW app, so I have no idea how Vixen episodes fit into this timeline.
    Legends 2×09
    Flash 3×11
    Legends 2×10
    Arrow 5×11
    Supergirl 2×11
    Flash 3×12
    Legends 2×11
    Arrow 5×12
    Supergirl 2×12
    Arrow 5×13
    Supergirl 2×13
    Flash 3×13
    Legends 2×12
    Arrow 5×14
    Supergirl 2×14
    Flash 3×14
    Arrow 5×15
    Supergirl 2×15
    Flash 3×15
    Legends 2×13


    • :)

      I wrote this elsewhere: “Vixen S02E01 comes after LoT S02E01 and the 5 following episodes follow the respective Legends episode. But you can watch them all at the same time if you want, it makes no difference story-wise.”


      • Matt C.

        Actually, it comes sometime before Arrow 4×18 because [SPOILERS]

        Laurel is still alive but Jax’s Firestorm is there which means it’s between whenever he was introduced in the Flash and that Arrow episode. Also before Legends whenever he gets taken away and because Ray is there which he references in LoT Season 2. Also, it is Mari, not Amaya.

        Liked by 1 person

    • :)

      Vixen S02E01 comes after LoT S02E01 and the 5 following episodes follow the respective Legends episode. But you can watch them all at the same time if you want, it makes no difference story-wise.


  7. Austin

    Can you update this list to include season 5 of arrow , season 3 of the flash , season 2 of legends of tomorrow and supergirl season 2 as I’ve no idea what order to watch them in , thanks


  8. Larry Version 3

    This is the current viewing order I am following while watching the 2016/17 seasons of all the shows. I’m aware Supergirl is virtually unaffected, but watching Supergirl like this breaks it up for me a little better, because I sometimes find it a little tiring to watch. This order is just based off of the release dates. But I thought it might be helpful

    The Flash – Season 3 Episode 1
    Arrow – Season 5 Episode 1
    Supergirl – Season 2 Episode 1
    The Flash – Season 3 Episode 2
    Arrow – Season 5 Episode 2
    DC’s Legends of Tommorow – Season 2 Episode 1
    Supergirl – Season 2 Episode 2
    The Flash – Season 3 Episode 3
    Arrow – Season 5 Episode 3
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 Episode 2
    Supergirl – Season 2 Episode 3
    The Flash – Season 3 Episode 4
    Arrow – Season 5 Episode 4
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 Episode 3
    Supergirl – Season 2 Episode 4
    The Flash – Season 3 Episode 5
    Arrow – Season 5 Episode 5
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 Episode 4
    Supergirl – Season 2 Episode 5
    Arrow – Season 5 Episode 6
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 Episode 5
    Supergirl – Season 2 Episode 6
    The Flash – Season 3 Episode 6
    Arrow – Season 5 Episode 7
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 Episode 6
    Supergirl – Season 2 Episode 7
    The Flash – Season 3 Episode 7
    Supergirl – Season 2 Episode 8
    The Flash – Season 3 Episode 8
    Arrow – Season 5 Episode 8
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 Episode 7
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 Episode 8

    Liked by 1 person

  9. berkaybilal

    Will you add the new 2016/17 seasons when they are finished with airing or soon? Because I want to start watching the new seasons, but I want it with the help of this awesome list.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Matt C.

        Well the new season of Vixen is really before. Weather Wizard is in the first episode and *SPOILERS* Black Canary was confirmed as a character in the season. Anything after that, especially Supergirl since it’s in another universe, we may have to wait till episodes 7 and 8 because of the four night crossover. After that, putting everything in chronological order should be super easy.


      • Matt C.

        I just rewatched Vixen and noticed that not only does Barry have the white emblem, but Jax us Firestorm. This means it takes place somewhere in the middle of season 2 of Flash and possibly before the Arrow/Vixen crossover episode in season 4 of Arrow.


      • Am I to assume that the viewing order is the airdate for each episode? I’m updating the spreadsheet I sent you earlier this year and because the seasons just started, I’m thinking about just putting them in as they air. I’m thinking this is how The CW wants it.


      • I guess I’m wondering if starting this season, all of Supergirl should be included in the list or if her crossovers with the Arrowverse are the only ones necessary because most everything else that happens in her world doesn’t effect the other universes and vise versa… I’m not certain of that last statement, but being that most of the Arrowverse is contained on Earth I, there is a lot more potential for bleedover.


  10. Jude

    I think you should put The Race of His Life last on this list because at the end of the episode Barry creates flashpoint yet on this list you put Lost in the Flood and Schism after it but the universe in them is completely unaffected.


  11. Mg

    So I’m watching supergirl now while I’m waiting for season two of the flash and season four arrow to be on Netflix. If I watched episode 18 of supergirl without watching season two of the flash would I understand it? I don’t mind spoilers.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. jimmy jamz

    Do you think batman/Bruce will get his own show on cw or at least be in arrow and flash? I’ve noticed many batman references like how arrow says that the code name oracle is already taken, or on the future newspaper 2024 in the flash wayne/queen inc merge. Thats only 8 years from now. Or the countless times they mention Gotham criminals.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vixen is a short animated show, I believe 6 minutes in length, about a character (Vixen) who will eventually show up as a live action character in this series. It uses many of the actors from Flash/Arrow to reprise their roles in voice acting roles. I wasn’t a huge fan, but for completionists it’s a fun thing. Ultimately all six eps come out to less than the length of a normal episode.


  13. Every summer I binge watch a show. This year I started Flash, got through the first episode and realized I needed to go back and watch Arrow first. Glad I did and glad I found this list!! I’m in the last 6 episode (2 each of Flash, Arrow, and LOT) and your list has been great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will say though, the placement of the Supergirl episode seems weird to me… It comes after Barry loses his speed? Did you put it there just because the numbers matched and they didn’t actually ever address his visit to Supergirl’s Earth in Flash?

      Liked by 1 person

      • If happen in the middle of Flash vs Zoom, then does Flash not remember visiting Supergirl? Seems unlikely to me that he spent time there during Flash vs Zoom. Only spot it’d fit is during his initial test of the tachyon device, and there is nothing from him to suggest he travelled to another Earth at that point. It’s a tad confusing, as I’ve been following the order on this list, and am no win the position of Flash losing his speed the episode after he arrives late at Laurel’s funeral, talking about how he’s just fought Zoom. Thus, meaning A: Canary Cry takes place at the same after episode 19 of Flash.


  14. Voax ghost

    Flash 2×22 & 2×23 should be watched back to back. Mabye Arrow 4×22 & 4×23

    Legends 1×16
    Flash 2.22 / 2.23
    Arrow 4.22 / 4.23

    Otherwise thanks man!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. H

    I’ve been using this list to watch Arrow and the Flash alongside each other. There have been many cases where the list is out of order. For instance, Flash 1:18 All Star Team Up obviously comes before Arrow 3:18 Public Enemy. With what happened in Arrow 3:18, Felicity would not be galavanting off in Central City.

    I’ve used this list up to episodes 18, and it hasn’t been very accurate. Maybe the release order isn’t accurate either, but I bet it’s more accurate than this list.


    • Your issue has been noted by many other users. We’ve been trying to come up with a reasonable order since F1x18 arrived. There really isn’t one. It’s a flub in the writing. Thanks for using the list though.


    • Wally West Fan

      It can’t happen anywhere. It can’t happen between Arrow 3×17 and 3×18 because Ray gets shot at the end of 3×17 (and the scene is repeated at the start of 3×18). It can’t happen before 3×17 because Ray doesn’t know who the arrow is or that felicity works with him (which he clearly does in All Star Team Up). It can’t happen between Arrow 3×18 and 3×19 because in 3×19 Ray says to Felicity ‘what are you doing here Oliver Queen and Roy Harper are both in handcuffs’ which clearly means he hasn’t seen Felicity since 3×18. It can’t happen after 3×19 because in it Ray realises Felicity still has feelings for Oliver which makes him a bit sad mostly just not wanting to be with Felicity, but in All Star Team Up they are perfect with eachother. So it can’t happen anywhere. A flub in the writing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kaypo

        Disagree. It was six months into the future from the start of the season. When Barry goes to the cemetery, it was just after the funeral. So current time


      • ronnyadriaens

        Just watched Arrow 4×19: Canary Cry. The scene with Barry is not in the future (it was in the first episodes of Arrow, but now it’s present day), so it’s right after the funeral. Which means Flash 2×18 should happen after Arrow 4×19.
        Furthermore I would put Supergirl 1×18 right after it, it makes more sense to me, but you can still put it before Flash 2×18, just not sooo long before it as in the list above.
        I would say: Arrow 4×19, Flash 2×18 and then Supergirl 1×18.
        One last word: THIS LIST IS AWESOME!! I watched everything according to this list and I love the work you put into this. THANKS!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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