Zowie Kerpowey and Geekritique Team Up to Talk Superhero TV

Hey all. As you may have already seen, the guys over at Zowie Kerpowey and The 52 NOW! podcast invited me over to their show a few weeks back to talk about our thoughts on Marvel’s latest outing, Avengers: Age of Ultron. You should listen to every second of it! Well, I had a great time. Dave and Andrew made me feel right at home, and more recently they’ve begun to put some of my posts on their Facebook page, and the coverage was extremely generous of them.

They’ve invited me once again! And I had such a great time last round, I just couldn’t say no. Unfortunately, the topic of discussion was superhero TV – specifically season finales. And since my marriage, it’s been hard to pick back where I left off with most of my shows. Thankfully my wife was hugely supportive in my binge-watch sesh of both Arrow and Flash. We watched episodes 11-23 of both series in about 5 days. It was nuts. But a lot of fun. And now my wife is a huge Flash fan. For help on watching Arrow and The Flash in order, check out my viewing order.

So what did I think about this season of superhero TV? I liked some, disliked others, and totally dropped others. Find out which on this week’s podcast! As always, the guys made me feel right at home. (And apparently I’ve been invited back to talk about anime in some point in the future?!) Please note, there are some spoilers for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl – although we do get into discussions about Daredevil and Legends of Tomorrow as well.

One thought on “Zowie Kerpowey and Geekritique Team Up to Talk Superhero TV

  1. Not all parts of all shows I watch were winners… but I still enjoyed Arrow and Flash this season. Flash wasn’t as good maybe as it could have been, but it was better than I thought it might… and Arrow, while not as good as previous seasons… really has only its own great history to blame for me feeling that way. There’s bound to be a letdown after being a solid show for the couple of years prior.

    SHIELD is still hard to peg… I feel like it is mostly what it is supposed to be, so I’m not as disappointed as many… but I also feel like it could be better. I don’t mean it needs Iron Man and Hulk to be better… it’s just not quite as suspenseful somehow as I think it could be. It kind of feels a little like Covert Affairs… that Piper Perabo series on USA… I liked it from the beginning, but it got SOO much better when they decided to stop having Perabo’s character be a newbie and just play it like she was a seasoned spy… I feel like SHIELD has yet to make that jump and let it’s experienced agents act like experienced agents and have missions with some real oomph.

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