The Best Video Game Trailers from E3 2015

Over the past few days platformers and developers alike have flocked to E3, and have treated fans to a collection of staggeringly awesome trailers to some of their upcoming video games. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is arguably the biggest event of the year for the western video game market, so enjoy the fact that everyone is trying to outdo each other with excellent new CG and in-game footage. Instead of aggravating my followers with an overdose of posts, I’ve decided to put them all together in a list. The trailers and games selected are hand-picked from the lot, and are listed roughly from my favorite and most relevant to the simply interesting (favorites at the top). The best trailers from E3 2015 are…

Final Fantasy VII Remake
This is the game nobody expected, but everyone’s wanted made for years. Perhaps the most beloved JRPG of all time, FFVII is finally back, completely remade, and it looks gorgeous. It won’t be a PS4 exclusive.

Pre-order: PS4

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
One of my personal favorite franchises, the fourth title in Naughty Dog’s stellar run, A Thief’s End looks to be everything you’d expect from a next gen Uncharted game. And riding off of the success of The Last of Us, the oft-toted perfect game, this is looking to be a smash hit. The trailer delivers some awesome new gameplay.

Pre-order: PS4

Star Wars Battlefront
It’s finally happening! The following trailers are actual gameplay, and they look ansolutely amazing. The third game in the series has long been anticipated. Note that the second video takes place on a planet we have yet to see, a planet called Jakku, which we’ll see more of in Episode VII.

Pre-order: PS4 | Xbox One | PC
Deluxe Edition Pre-Order: PS4 | Xbox One

Kingdom Heart 3
This trailer was actually a big disappointment for me. To put it this high on the list is pure bias towards the game. It’s personally my most anticipated game of all time. I’ve never wanted a game more than Kingdom Hearts 3, and it’s been that way for over a decade. Although the gameplay is nice, the game thrives on storytelling, and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see any of that in this trailer. I’m hoping this next title bridges gaps in some of the many offshoots that have spawned.

Pre-order: PS4

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Oof. Robot dinosaurs. Barbarian natives. An excellent mix of sci-fi and fantasy. This new title is one to watch out for!

Pre-order: PS4

The Last Guardian
Long considered a forgotten project (vaporware), The Last Guardian looks truly excellent. I’m glad this wasn’t just your typical CGI trailer, because the gameplay honestly makes the game come to life.

Pre-order: PS4

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Assassin’s Creed has a long history of getting people excited for it’s franchise via cinematic trailers. Syndicate offers a new take on the genre, and it looks like it’ll incorporate gang warfare to some extent. Check it out:

Pre-order: PS4 | Xbox One
Gold Edition Pre-order: PS4

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
This is a series with a huge following. And it’s clear why, after watching this cinematic trailer.

Pre-order: PS4 | Xbox One

Fallout Shelter
Oh man, this game was announced for iOS during the Bethesda conference as a totally contemporary game for the iPhone and iPad. And it was released right away. My wife and I have been addicted for the last couple days. It consumes time. And it’s free. Watch the trailer below!

Download: iOS

Destiny: The Taken King
The first expansion for the massively popular Destiny game is on its way. The Taken King looks to add a ton of new features. There are plenty of diehard fans out there still searching for some of the games deepest secrets. No doubt this will be a breath of fresh air.

Pre-order: PS4 | PS3 | Xbox One

Batman: Arkham Knight
The third title in the popular series of Batman games, Arkham Knight continues to deliver the gritty, dark feel of the world of Gotham and Arkham Asylum. This trailer shows off some spooky Scarecrow gas action.

Pre-order: PS4 | Xbox One | PC

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect is back! The featured teaser showcases an N7 armored soldier headed to the Andromeda Galaxy. Looks like theres a whole new playground for the fourth installment in the popular sci-fi series.

Pre-order: Unavailable

Halo 5: Guardians
Halo 5 unleashed a powerful cinematic. Sometimes cinematics do more for me than the actual gameplay. I’m a story guy, and I love me some flashy cutscenes.

Pre-order: Xbox One

Dark Souls III
The Dark Souls III reveal was pretty great. This cinematic is epic and dark in a way only fantasy seems to manage.

Pre-order: PS4

EA unveiled this beauty of a game. It looks to be very similar to Little Big Planet, except you use the yarn that the protagonist is wrapped in as your tools. Very creative. I want to see more. It’s so cute.

Pre-order: PC

You’ve played pixel games before. But never have you played with pixels harnessed so perfectly. So beautifully. Eitr looks to be very similar to Dark Souls mentioned above. The gameplay looks truly epic, given the format it’s delivered in.

Pre-order: Unavailable

Rise of the Tomb Raider
I really enjoyed the first Tomb Raider game in this reboot series, and this trailer looks to continue the insane adventure, with a more realistic vibe. I’m looking forward to this one. This is an Xbox One timed exclusive, meaning it may become available for PS4 and PC after it’s released on Xbox One.

Pre-order: Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key
Another spinoff game for mobile devices. I generally stay away from the Kingdom Hearts spinoff content because they almost always let me down. It’s just not the same as KH3… But this does look like a lot of fun.

Pre-order: Unavailable

Star Fox Zero
A new Star Fox game! But wait. Star Fox Zero is experimental to say the least. But the trailer does make it look fun. “Do a barrel roll!”

Pre-order: Unavailable

Sea of Thieves
Here’s an interesting new game from Rare. It’s a pirate themed first person multiplayer for Xbox One and PC.

Pre-order: Xbox One | PC

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
The next installment in the Legend of Zelda series is actually a multiplayer game for 3! It’s kinda cute…

Pre-order: Unavailable

3 thoughts on “The Best Video Game Trailers from E3 2015

  1. Well, this took a long time to get through, but it wasn’t as long as E3 itself probably was. The sleeper hit look like it’s going to be Unravel, but Batman: Arkham Knight looks pretty sweet as well. I’m still on Batman: Arkham City. That’s how behind I am. But I’m getting there. Hopefully one day the RTS I’m working on will be shown at E3…

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