Geekritique iPhone 6 Wallpapers

So yeah. This is a thing.

I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6 recently and have had way too much time on my hands. I’m a gifted procrastinator and instead of actually putting up any useful, insightful content on my blog, I’ve chosen to make Wallpapers for my new phone. And so, in an effort to make this whole effort seem worthwhile, here I am putting it on my blog.

Does the fact that I’ve made wallpapers for my own blog make me a narcissist? Or would that be a blogcissist?

…Whatever. I’m just going to drop these here for your gandering. Let’s not speak of this.


7 thoughts on “Geekritique iPhone 6 Wallpapers

  1. This is like when I’m creating new characters and one of the things I do is come-up with a database of how they modify their personal belongings. And one of those things is what their phone background might be; eg, you can tell what kind of a person they are if it’s the default image, one of the presets, something they took themself, an image of someone else… an image of them.,,,

    This was very amusing.

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