Is This Leaked Star Wars Timeline Real?

[EDIT: This is confirmed to be fake]

Earlier, an image found by Indie Revolver on Imgur claims to be a leaked timeline of the upcoming Star Wars movie slate, prior to it’s unveiling at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. In it we see new films such as Fett/Solo and Kenobi: The Balance of the Force.


I think it’s fake.

Here’s why. As great as film called Kenobi: The Balance of the Force may sound, it’s placement on the timeline seems altogether wrong. It was officially announced yesterday that Han Solo would be getting an origin story in 2018, after Episode VIII and before Episode IX. That’s the first major clue. Kenobi can’t possibly fit in that timeline, if they want to keep their 1-film-per-year Star Wars run. Also, Fett/Solo? Horrible name. And wait, if this is a true origin story for Han Solo, why weigh it down with Boba Fett, a character he didn’t seem to recognize and/or acknowledge in Episodes V and VI?

If it is real, great find – but why would they make such a misleading timeline?

8 thoughts on “Is This Leaked Star Wars Timeline Real?

  1. Pretty sure it’s fake too. Balance of the Force is the title of a New Jedi Order book, and I don’t think Disney would reference the EU unless they meant it.

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      1. Just realized I was super wrong! I was thinking of The Unifying Force, the final New Jedi Order book. My bad. And, I’m all for that Ben Kenobi movie, I personally think a story with him is THE anthology movie they need to make before any others. Just so much potential for awesome IMO

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  2. This has about the same legitimacy as the leaked Batman v Superman title cards – Part I; Enter the Knight and Part II: Dawn of Justice.
    Anyone could easily make this. It’s only believable because it has a low visual quality.
    Plus, Star Wars – Kenobi: the Balance of the Force doesn’t have a consistent title. Why would Rogue One and Fett/Solo be titled “Anthology” but the Kenobi spin-off not?

    It probably is fake, yeah. In fact, knowing Disney, they’ll probably bring this up at Comic-Con just to deny it.

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