Doctor Who to Be Included in LEGO Dimensions

Okay. This looks amazing. Coming straight to you from SDCC is this amazing trailer of LEGO Dimensions, the upcoming video game bridging many of Lego’s most popular franchises. And although you can play as all 12 Doctors, only Peter Capaldi lends his voice for the action. Check it out now!


LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack available to buy on September 27, 2015

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5 thoughts on “Doctor Who to Be Included in LEGO Dimensions

  1. Mother of God… that’s all I can say. There’s another video on Doctor Who’s channel showing some of the features – you start as the First Doctor and respawning is regeneration. It does the animation and everything! And… there’s every TARDIS console room for each Doctor, and if you’re the first two, it plays in black and white. This is everything I want out of a video game. And I’m looking forward to it more than Series 9. Which is a compliment.

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