[My 400th Post!] Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer Is Finally Here!

Wow. This is my 400th post. Thank you all for helping me get here. Geekritique is a labor of love for me, but the feedback I get from you guys on a daily basis allows me to keep it up. It’s fitting my 400th post is all about the Doctor too. Doctor Who is what got me into reviewing and blogging. Expect plenty of coverage for Series 9 in the coming months, as well as weekly reviews!

This looks incredible. And undeniably more spooky than anything we’ve seen in a long while. The production quality too… Superb. After watching this my wife and I just looked at each other for a few seconds dumbstruck until we chose to just watch it again. So much to dissect. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Also, who do you guys think Maisie Williams is playing? (I really want a return from Susan, but she probably would have called him “grandfather” instead of “old man”.)

29 thoughts on “[My 400th Post!] Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer Is Finally Here!

  1. Honestly? The trailer leaves me pretty cold. The Riddick looking guy notwithstanding. The Yeti / Cyber-man-in-a-gorilla-suit thingy could be interesting.

    Missy – I think there’s a point where one can have too many* pantomime dames in a science fiction show. *One, for example.

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  2. Does anyone else wonder what the heck happened to his daughter, Jenny, from that episode where they did that replicator thing on him and he thought she was dead but she wasn’t… I mean I find it a little strange that he doesn’t know there’s another time lord out there… especially one that is his daughter… just saying… I feel like that wasn’t handled very well since he’s supposed to sense these things… at least that’s what he said about it before the Master… and the reason he didn’t know was because the Master was all in human form… seriously it bothers me…

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    1. The thing with Jenny is that a lot of people really don’t want to see her back. It’s widely considered one of the worst episodes of the revamped Doctor Who series. Up there with Fear Her and Love & Monsters. But I would like some closure, you’re right.


      1. those are 2 of the worst episodes… I always skip them when I’m rewatching… especially since the Love&Monsters had a messed up ending… but the Jenny one I thought was okay… but either way I hate lose ends like that… and I think it would be interesting for him to have an actual family member running around… sort of the way it was cool for him to have a sort of wife running around and showing up every now and then… because when all you got are random people he picks up along the way until they leave him or get trapped in an alternate universe well it doesn’t give him much connection or consistency… someone like River though could show up whenever and where ever and that was just fun… and I think Jenny could kind of be like that…

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      1. They were indeed disappointing in Doctor Who. Like much of Moffatt’s Who, they were realised better in their original appearance. In Buffy The Vampire Slayer…

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  3. ‘old man’ would suggest ‘father’ to me and the clone… As for Susan I hope not at this stage. Moffett isn’t a great respecter of continuity. Susan (being a Gallifreyan, pre-rassillion erea, and isn’t a timelord therefore couldn’t regenerate?)

    Did anyone else think Yetti when they saw that red light surround by fur?

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  4. On a coincidental note… I just made my 399th blog post tonight… so #400 will happen with my next blog post. I haven’t decided whether to celebrate it or just post what I planned to post Saturday.

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  5. I don’t need to see everybody come back… and they don’t have to revisit anything… but I kind of want to see the “daughter” clone again… would like to see Susan… would really like to see Romana. Anything else they can surprise me… oh yeah, and I’m with Capaldi… I want the original Cybermen to assimilate the alternate universe ones.

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      1. I really would love it if they worked the Big Finish connection and used Juliet Landau too… since Moffat clearly likes what the Big Finish people do for Doctor Who.

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  6. Glad I’m not the only one who thought she could be Susan. It would work for the story arc of Gallifrey, and it would make sense to cast an actor like her. Perhaps she has her own TARDIS somewhere? Either that or it’s deliberately misleading us. Everyone thought the scene from Hide in Series 7 Part 2’s trailer was on Trenzalore. It’s not likely to be, but if it is… hmm. Generally, I advocate that Doctor Who should move forwards with new characters, and having that particular character come back risks being too much for the nostalgia. But having her as an entry point for a Gallifrey plotline would make that work.

    Unless it’s a repeat of Dark Water’s cliffhanger and she’s actually the Doctor’s son…

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    1. I think there are certain characters that need to stop in at least one more time. I don’t need to see the Rani, but I do need to see the Black Guardian make his 3rd and final trial for the Doctor. Same goes for Susan with me.

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      1. Yes! The Black Guardian has to come back. And he should keep that dead crow on his head. As far the Rani – well, I had this idea for a big Gallifrey season where the show’s most notorious Time Lord villains – the Master, the Rani, the Monk, the Warchief – all make an alliance. Bit fan-wanky?


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