Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Just Won Comic-Con

Seriously, could one ask for a better trailer than what we received yesterday? This is mind-numbingly incredible. I’ve probably watched this over 10 times already. Thank you Warner Bros. Your panel officially won SDCC 2015.

16 thoughts on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Just Won Comic-Con

  1. You know I’ve been thinking this movie was going to be terrible… and really let down by their choice of Batman… but this trailer was good and after reading about how it’s supposed to be a more burnt out Batman and one dealing with loss it makes more sense to have Affleck and why he would be after Superman and so I got a bit more hope for it all…

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  2. Never would I have expected the most exciting part of this to be Jesse Eisenberg. People don’t give him enough credit as an actor, and his prophetic narration really gave a whole new level to it. But since the trailer never actually says “he’s Lex Luthor”, will people unfamiliar with it get that when this plays in front of other films? But the reason it works for me is because it just looks like a great Batman film. For some reason, Warner Bros. seem apologetic for making another Superman film, by showing a world where everyone rightly hates him. The shot of him at 3:00 with the obvious CGI makes him look really depressing and shadowy. But Ben Affleck looks like an amazing Batman. The anger is so real here, and you can tell he’s trained himself to the peak of Human physique. But we do not need yet another retelling of the origin story. Even a five year old knows what that is. It seems they’re doing that to show that this Batman is a different Batman to Christian Bale, but they’ve already done so by casting someone else. And yet, this will inevitably end in a compromise between them because Warner Bros. would never make either character look better than the other. Hopefully Zack Snyder won’t fuck this up. But he probably will. He’s Zack Snyder. That shot of Batman that looks like the cover of The Dark Knight Returns is what worries me. This risks not being an adaptation and instead is just “Batman! He’s cool!”.


    1. which is ironic considering the direction Frank Millar took Batman in the end, heck I think it was kind of there in returns which makes it a hard re-read for me. I’m still not sold on Eisenberg but maybe that’s because I’m not giving him a chance. I never had any worries about Batfleck personally but you’re right they do seem ashamed to be making another Superman movie and I think that’s the problem, all that dark vs the light stuff doesn’t make sense in a world where Batman is fighting for the innocent people destroyed off screen by a god who doesn’t owe them anything.

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  3. I wouldn’t be so sure. By all accounts, the Deadpool trailer was on par with this. Which we’ll hopefully be seeing soon!


      1. I should have seen that coming. Reynolds sound like he’s trying too hard at times, but that’s definitely Deadpool. I don’t think you can make a good Deadpool movie anything less than R Rated.

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    1. I prefer the Deadpool trailer simply because even though I’m not really a Deadpool fan myself it felt like Deadpool which is more than can be said for Dawn of Justice. Though the Stan Lee Cameo was a bit jarring. Is anyone else getting a bit sick of them now?
      Also I agree, if the trailer does seem to be trying too hard then we know they’re doing deadpool.

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  4. LOL, I had the opposite reaction… just like they got pwned by the “Chewie, we’re home” trailer a few months ago, this time, they were again a day too late to upstage the warm Episode VII featurette. By the time the Batsuit eyes lit up, and Ma Kent gave Superman the worst advice that Superman has been given since “The Quest For Peace” (“You don’t owe this world anything!”… hey does anyone remember when Glenn Ford played Pa Kent?), I was done with the DC cinematic universe.

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      1. The trailer itself was nicely made, that’s for sure. Affleck, while no Christian Bale, seems to be an able and moody Bruce Wayne, and the visual effects look stunning. But the story that the trailer is selling, is not one that I’m interested in seeing; it seems to be doubling down on all the elements of “Man of Steel” that I personally disliked

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      2. That makes sense. I strongly disliked Man of Steel for pretty much the same reasons you’re touching upon, so I can relate a bit. I don’t like this iteration of Clark Kent at all. Give me Smallville or Superman Returns any day, in that respect. But I’m definitely still excited for this. Although, from what I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure I’ll love it, I may end up hating it if they get my favorite superhero totally wrong again. Who knows.

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      3. I think the problem was they seemed to be trying to sell the difference between Batman and Superman, dark vs light, day vs light that kind of thing except in this movie Superman seems to be worse than Batman. Like that scene where people are stuck on the rooftop and he has to pose there for a few minutes to hammer home the christian overtone of the son of Jor-el.
        I’m hoping that Joker is just a background presence in this, like we see his effects on Bruce but please don’t let him in the movie. Oh who am I kidding it will be him and Lex won’t it. Well I supouse that means I can dig out Bruce Timm’s worlds finest and just watch that instead.
        Also could we please find out what WW is doing here, early rumours imply it’s her and Batman v Big blue which is meh but at least give us some idea instead of just saying oh wonder woman is in this too, honnest, she’s a big star, really.
        Also a thumbs up for the Ma kent bit, if Zack Snyder ever get his hands on Spiderman Uncle Ben will be turning round and saying “remember Peter, with great power, comes the ability to do great things for yourself.”

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