Heroes Reborn Trailer Looks to Bring the Revived Show to New Heights

Heroes had one of the most perfect first seasons of any show in recent memory. And then the writer’s strike hit, and the show went steadily downhill. At last, the show is being reborn, with the apt new title ‘Heroes Reborn.’ Many familiar faces return, and a new threat turns the heroes into the hunted. Check out the new trailer, which aired just moments ago at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

7 thoughts on “Heroes Reborn Trailer Looks to Bring the Revived Show to New Heights

  1. I always thought that Heroes fizzled because there was no long-term story. Season 1 was fantastic, but about half way through season 2 it became obvious that the writers/creator had no overall plan for the series. If it had been thought out to the extent of Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5 it had the potential to have challenged BSG as the best sci-fi series in recent memory.

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  2. I’ve managed to stick to my policy of boycotting anything NBC produced for the last couple of years, but this . . . . . . I’m tempted. Bad.

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  3. Still nervous about this one…. The writer’s strike was just the final nail. The show started having problems when they started rewriting the first season as they were filming it due to fan reactions… characters like Sylar were kept around instead of killed because of Quinto’s popularity… and some other changes were made too… they started tinkering… then the writer’s strike gave them more time to think and tinker some more.

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  4. Is that the guy from Once Upon a Time? It looks like him.
    Well, it’s got me interested. It looks Heroes-y enough for me to watch, without being too much like last time. I loved Genesis. Generations was a bit too experimental. Villains was okay. Fugitives was really dull and Retribution made me actively want Heroes to be cancelled. But this has a lot of promise. Parts of it reminded me of that pilot episode I wrote that one time…

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