Mark Hamill, The Apple Store, & SDCC 2015 – This Is the 52 Now! Podcast

Forgive me for posting the creepiest Mark Hamill pic on the Internet in the header above. It was just too appropriate for this week’s episode of the 52 Now! podcast. I was invited to the show for my third time to discuss all things San Diego Comic Con 2015, of which there was a ton. I think in the span of three days I posted 8 trailers to my site from the Con, and about 15 or so promo images on my Instagram account. It was an onslaught of news, so the guys over at asked if I’d like to help out. As always, it was such a great time. We talk about everything from Star Wars, Deadpool, Heroes Reborn, Batman v Superman, and oh so much more.

Now, back to Mark Hamill. Andrew, co-host for the 52 Now! podcast, told us a story from a few years back in which he (as a new employee of the Apple Store) gave Mark Hamill the most inadequate service imaginable, and in retrospect it’s hilarious. As you can imagine, we don’t let him live it down. For more on that, listen to this week’s episode, and subscribe now on iTunes.

Andrew needs some help! Hey guys, Andrew, mentioned above, is going to need some help in his quest to do more for the community and with Zowie Kerpowey. He’s moving from Baton Rouge to mid-Florida. Go check out his GoFundMe page and see if you can’t help him out a tiny bit!

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