Dragon Ball Super: Episode 3 (EPISODE REVIEW)

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Dagon Ball Super continues along peacefully, but behind the scenes tension begins to escalate. Lord Beerus has decided to find the so-called “Super Saiyan God” of his dreams, in an effort to finally get a decent fight. I’m really beginning to like Beerus. He’s perhaps the most powerful being in the universe, and the god of destruction – certainly powerful, and bordeline overpowered… Actually, no. I take that back. He is overpowered. Well over 9000. The Kai’s are worried that Goku will attempt to challenge Beerus to a fight, so they collectively choose not to tell him of his existence. Little do they know Beerus is in search of Goku. And knows exactly where he is.

Meanwhile, in typical Saiyan fashion, Vegeta is training in his specialized gravity chamber, dodging laserfire and the like. Goku is hard at work taking the old-fashioned Rocky route… Well, not really. He’s on King Kai’s planet which too has excessive gravity and is lifting crazy amounts of weight. I really appreciated the way the show referenced it’s past in this episode, especially how King Kai and his pets(?) never got resurrected after they were blown to bits in the Cell Saga. Hence, the familiar halos above their heads. Excellent.

And this episode finally introduces the rest of the series’ impressive cast. From Piccolo to Krillin to Yamcha… It’s so great to see these old faces and old friends back together again. What are they doing together? Oh just attending Bulma’s birthday bash on a cruise ship. No big deal. I love the fact that neither Goku nor Vegeta (her husband) showed up, because both were off training elsewhere.

It’s so great to have Dragon Ball back on the air, with new episodes. And Super is turning out really well so far. I’m still stunned into smiling every time an episode starts. A great opening song, plenty of nostalgia, and enough new material to keep me salivating and satisfied.

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