The First Set Photos from Star Trek Beyond Are Here

Below are a number of set pics taken in Vancouver, BC, on set for Star Trek Beyond, the third in the Star Trek reboot trilogy. The photos come courtesy of Screen Crush, who also posted a set video, which was promptly removed by Paramount. Featured in the pictures are actors Chris Pine (Captain Kirk), Simon Pegg (Scotty), Anton Yelchin (Chekov), and Sofia Boutella. 

Boutella plays an all new character and, from the looks of it, an all new race. Unless I’m wrong and this race has appeared in Star Trek previously. Please let me know if I’m wrong. Either way, she looks tough, and the makeup is well done. 

Also, it’s interesting to point out that Pine’s Kirk is finally doing his hair like Shatner’s Kirk. His Starfleet outfit is very… space age, and in some shots reminiscent of Han Solo. I like it, either way.

The green screen can literally be the backdrop for anything, so discerning what is going on in this scene is extremely difficult. It looks to me as though they’re on the top of some ship or bunker – but really the platform they’re standing on could work for just about anything. What do you think? Are you excited for the upcoming Justin Lin directed Star Trek sequel?


7 thoughts on “The First Set Photos from Star Trek Beyond Are Here

  1. ooo so excited… will definitely go to theaters for this one… though it’s sad knowing that Leonard Nimoy won’t be making another appearance… and they need new aliens… new aliens always present new ideas and issues… which is the whole point of watching movies like this…

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  2. I suspect it’s a new species. The writers have been wanting to introduce new aliens, which I prefer, because it’s new. The galaxy’s a big place, and it makes sense for it to become bigger, not smaller.
    And I’m loving the new uniforms. They’re up there with Wrath of Khan in terms of the best looking. They remind of old naval uniforms, but updated for sci-fi. Which is a good sign, because Star Trek works best as a naval drama in space. Already I want one. Heck, I could just paint my leather jacket.
    And I prefer the way the rankings are displayed. The Original Series uniforms were a bit stupidly designed, because the pipettes were the same colour as the uniforms and on only seen on the sleeves. That’s not instantly recognisable. And I say this as someone who’s wearing an Origin Series Captain’s uniform-themed dressing gown literally right now.

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