Bespin Is Finally Unlocked in Star Wars: Uprising

Since the game’s arrival on iOS and Android devices two months ago, it’s gained a loyal fanbase of individuals who, quite like the Rebel Alliance, just want to free the Galaxy from Imperial enslavement. Well, that and to collect every item, upgrade their characters, crew and equipment as much as possible, and rake in a bunch of credits along the way. At launch, the game boasted five playable planets: Burnin Konn, Mataou, Hoth, Anoat, and Bespin. But the fifth planet, Bespin, made so popular by its inclusion in The Empire Strikes Back, remained firmly out of players reach. 

You see, the game allows players the chance to push the boundaries of where the story is headed next. Each player is given the opportunity to do five “assault missions” each day. By repeatedly attacking imperial settlements over the course of several days, along with tens of thousands of other players, the bar for “sector battles” rises on each planet being assaulted. When the bar reaches its zenith, a sector battle is triggered on that planet.

For many fans, it seemed clear – use up all your sector battles on Bespin, to finally unlock the planet for play. The issue was that one needed to be at the level cap, 40, in order to even assault Bespin. Thus starting the long grind for many players. Many would rally behind the #FreeBespin hashtag. Roughly 10 sector battles later, it seemed just about hopeless that we’d see Bespin open up by year’s end, as more new players joined the ranks and threw the balance off day after day. And then Kabam, the game designers, stepped in. After launching v1.1, they began offering some 7,500 credits for each assault run on Bespin, vs 2,500 credits elsewhere. At last, a sector battle was triggered on the planet. Finally we were in sights of playing on the stomping grounds of Lando Calrissian, and seeing the excellent animation from the new planet.

Some credit the fact that the game was rigged prior to the availability of this sector battle, that this was merely a carrot at the end of a stick, not meant to be eaten until the developers felt they were ready. Of course, Kabam denied these allegations, claiming that the planet was always unlockable. Whatever the truth is, the time is now.

The sector battle has waged for 48 hours, twice as long as most Sector Battles (as this was a liberation run). Many players fought viciously for a ranking position for the best rewards possible. But the best reward is undoubtedly the fact that we now have a new playable planet on our hands. After a short buffer, wherein the points are tallied and the ranks are handed out, which lasted about an hour and a half, the planet’s secrets are finally ours for the playing.

Uprising is unique in that it develops the narrative of the Star Wars universe in the outer rim planets at a time just after the events of Return of the Jedi. Much of the Empire is still kicking strong, even denying the claims that the Emperor was killed. The game takes place amidst the same universe as all other canon media, so cameos and tie-ins are aplenty. It’s all about immersing yourself in that world, just prior to The Force Awakens hitting theaters next month.

Along with increasing the level cap, Chapter II gives us a HUGE amount of new upgradeable and collectible equipment. 560 new gear, 276 new weapons, and over 273 new crew members. That’s 1109 items to collect… This is over double the amount we received upon launching the game. I’ve got some work to do. Along with the new equipment, we also have new attacks and skills, as well as a new non-combat passive ability.

Enough out of me, go play the game! 

4 thoughts on “Bespin Is Finally Unlocked in Star Wars: Uprising

      1. Google power creep. In this case it means that they have released gear so much stronger it even makes the golden storm trooper gear look bad. My new blue leggings is better than my maxed orange ones… This is not okay after just 2 months…

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