Meet the New Planets of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In 5 days time The Force Awakens will be in theaters. We have a ton to look forward to, and there’s speculation across the board as to what we can expect, but perhaps the most overlooked aspect of that speculation and wonderment within fandom has been for the planets introduced. It’s been long said of the franchise that it isn’t science fiction, but science fantasy. It’s not a series about exploration, but by using these planets as settings for the story, instead of just objects and targets, we get transported all the more to these strange new worlds. Whether we’re following moisture farmers on the desert planet of Tatooine, learning the ways of the Force from a hermit on the swampy Dagobah, or witnessing the treachery of the Separatists on lush Naboo, these locations the characters visit and inhabit help stage the story. So let’s get a heads up on the film and meet some of the planets in more depth.

This post will contain spoilers and speculation, although most of the following has already been officially revealed to the public. The images may not correctly correlate with the associated worlds.


Gone are the days when Tatooine was the only desert planet in the galaxy. First introduced into canon in Aftermath by Chuck Wendig, Jakku will showcase much of the new film. It is where we’ll meet Rey for the first time, and likely also BB-8. Gamers will have already made themselves acquainted with the new planet if they’ve been anywhere near the new Battlefront installment, where the Battle of Jakku is playable. This event takes place some 29 years prior to The Force Awakens. If you want to learn more about how that giant Star Destroyer came crashing down onto the planet, be sure to read Lost Stars by Claudia Gray.


  • Terrain: Dense forests, vast bodies of water
  • Astrographical region: Western Reaches
  • Native species/fauna: Unknown
  • Major cities: Unknown

Very little is known about Takodana, beyond what’s found in the short story The Face of Evil. The pirate queen Maz Kanata has a castle on the planet that has served as sanctuary for those on the run, as an open port for spies and other dubious travelers.


  • Terrain: Thick forests, bodies of water
  • Astrographical region: Outer Rim Territories
  • Native species/fauna: Small woodland creatures
  • Major cities: Unknown

D’Qar was introduced to us subtly in Lost Stars, where a major protagonist notes the planet may be a potential base for the Rebellion after Hoth. It has since been leaked that this will indeed be where the Resistance takes their base.


  • Terrain: Ice, some trees, superweapon
  • Astrographical region: Unknown Regions
  • Native species/fauna: Unknown
  • Major cities: Unknown

We do not know the actual name of the planet yet. From the knowledge we’ve gained over the past year, however, it’s been determined that the Starkiller Base of the First Order is a superweapon built into the planet, capable of destroying entire star systems.

Hosnian Prime:

Nothing is yet known about this Core World planet.

These 5 new planets are the only confirmed locations so far, and sure – that’s more than enough for one film. But we may get to revisit some older planets as well. Which worlds would you like to see revisited? The following image was released by Empire, and shows a good portion of the more important worlds within the universe, and where they’re astrographically located. 


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