These First Reactions to The Force Awakens Are Extremely Positive

Star Wars: The Force Awakens made its world premiere last night on the red carpet. Don’t worry! No spoilers here! This is a collection of first reactions from critics and fans who got to see the film last night at the Hollywood premiere.

15 thoughts on “These First Reactions to The Force Awakens Are Extremely Positive

  1. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil anything. Having seen the movie myself yesterday I can confirm this movie is awesome! I want to see it again. Believe the reviews and opinions. Best movie of the year and maybe even the best one in the entire franchise. But I might be biased because this one is so new and fresh.

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful summary! I am SO EXCITED NOW! I really want to see it for the first time next week, so this has just got me majorly hyped up 😀 It’s a shame its the holidays though, the cinemas will be packed even during the day.

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  3. man… my husband said we could go see this after it’s been out for like a month… but now I really want to go see it now… I mean honestly whose to say after a month the theaters will be any less packed? might as well just go asap…

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    1. Well. Here’s how I see it. You can sit through one of the earlier showings (which will be packed) and people will cheer and laugh and clap. Or you could wait a month and will essentially have to stay off social media, for fear it will be spoiled to you, either in pictures, reviews or other. But why wait a month? I plan to do a spoiler free review and a spoiler heavy one, if I can have the stamina for that.

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      1. I don’t know… he probably won’t wait that long… but while I don’t like to be in a packed theater most of the time… for movies like this it’s actually pretty fun… like you said it’s like everyones in on it together and it kind of makes the experience even more awesome…

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    1. Oh boy has he. I was expecting overwhelmingly positive, but the fact that most fans and critics seem to feel they’ve experienced something up there with the original trilogy, at the very least, fills me with… I dunno. Not relief. Maybe just more anticipation? I think I’ll have to see it twice before reviewing.

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