Check Out Pathfinder Tales: An Adventure Series, Part 1

So this is pretty cool. I’ve heard of the Pathfinder Tales novels, as well as the game the novels are based on, but other than that not much. It appears to be a graduated form of D&D, wherein you incoporate a more dynamic board game approach. The video below is a snapshot of the game as played by four of Tor’s celebrated authors, Elizabeth Bear, Max Gladstone, Brian Staveley, and James L. Cambias. Watch as these authors brave the perils of Golarion; the first video features an introduction to our adventurers and a mysterious companion who will be joining them on their journey.

Follow the adventures of our brave heroes in their search for love, treasure, and glory. Join Reiko the Ninja, Kyra the Cleric, Lirianne the Gunslinger and Amiri the “Bard”barian as they explore the world of Golarion with plot twists galore.

This will be a four-part video series, the 2nd part arriving sometime in mid-January. Be sure to visit for more information, and for links to buy.

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