Here’s Your First Trailer for the Ghostbusters Reboot

Just as you’d expect a Ghostbusters reboot to be, 30 years later, this trailer delivers all the frights and giggles of its predecessor. Check out the trailer below.

It arrives this Summer, July 15th, and will star Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

10 thoughts on “Here’s Your First Trailer for the Ghostbusters Reboot

  1. Also is it worth noting that the trailer currently has double the dislikes to likes? I mean I know “women hating misogynists” and all that, but double the hates to likes? I always assumed this would be a sort of one hit wonder forgotten in a few years thing, but now I’m wondering if it’s gonna bomb hard.

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  2. You know what bothers me, is that they mention the fact that 30 years ago they saved the world from ghosts and now it’s a new team going to do it… but it really looks like they’re still starting the group from the ground up like the other team never even existed… I just think if they’re going to mention the fact that they others existed in the trailer then it should be a part of the movie…

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    1. Completely agree but then again there is the sense that this movie is riding the Ghostbusters nostalgia more than the names of any of the people involved or the premise and it seems that there even going to open wiht them investigating a librarian ghost that goes wrong and recruiting a black person to be the “normal” one of the group for the rest to explain stuff too as an audience surrogate.

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      1. Oh yeah they really hit it on the nose in the obvious copying the characters and set up of the original. I guess they figured it worked the first time why change anything… well other than making them all girls now.


  3. I have to say, I’m not impressed with this movie. I was skeptical when they announced they were doing an all girl reboot, and this doesn’t change my mind. The characters are so stereotypical. I don’t remember the male version playing up the stereotypes quite that much. Or maybe it’s just that the stereotype for a dorky science girl requires them to dress like librarians from the 1950’s and it offends what little fashion sense I have. I feel like this is going to be a badly done caricature of the original with bad fashion jokes thrown in. I hope I’m wrong. Unless I see something that really wows me before it comes out, I’ll be waiting until it goes to Redbox…

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  4. Got to say I’ve been pretty down on this movie thus far and I wouldn’t say this has completely turned me around but I will say it has peeked my interest.
    Not sure we should be reminding everyone of the other movies before launching a new continuity but they already shot themselves in the foot with that by calling it Ghosbusters I guess.
    Some of the jokes worked, some didn’t though I’m convinced the proton packs looks a little too video gamey for my tastes what with pistols sliding out and stuff and I hope that librarian ghost scene isn’t near the beginning but it screams Ghostbusters one and just going off that trailer Ghostbusters 1 wins.

    Still it’s definitely clawing its way back up

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