Trailers You Might’ve Missed – Daredevil: Season 2 Trailers

I haven’t been posting much since I’ve been so busy writing, but I felt I’ve neglected one of my favorite things to share. Trailers! Especially those that are easy to miss. Two trailers have “recently” been released for Daredevil: Season 2. Both look particularly great. The first focuses on the Punisher, whereas the second highlights Electra.

I was a little disappointed with this one, to be honest. Frank Castle, or the Punisher as he’s better known as, has never been a favorite of mine. Too much of a vigilante type and not enough of a hero, a storyline they seem keen on taking us down in the Netflix series – as you can see. I got worried that he would become the primary threat for the season, a literal manifestation of everything Daredevil doesn’t want to become. Some areas of the Marvel universe a very dark, and I wasn’t so excited after I saw the above trailer.

And then they revealed that there would be much more going on in season 2, especially with the inclusion of Electra. Check it out:

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