Oh Wow, Watch the New Trailer for Captain America: Civil War

My hands are shaking after having seen this trailer. We finally have our first look at Spider-Man, as played by 19-yr old actor Tom Holland. With lenses on his eyes‽ 

10 thoughts on “Oh Wow, Watch the New Trailer for Captain America: Civil War

  1. awww I don’t like them fighting each other… but I have to side with Captain America… cause he’s awesome and you know he stands for America… plus the other side has Spiderman and he was always my least favorite… I could definitely turn on him easily…

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      1. I don’t know… there’s something about him I just never really liked… The Amazing Spiderman did a lot to make me like him a bit more… but like he’s just on the bottom of the list for me… maybe this new kid will be cooler…

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  2. Okay, this is a weird question but which side did Spidey end up on? I don’t know because I didn’t read the Civil War storyline. (I found it too distressing at the time.) I had the impression he was on the Captain’s side of the fight but in the movie he appears to be on Tony’s.

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  3. The look it pretty good here. I hope we get to see more of Spidey than just a few minor bits. He was a significant part in the comic version of the story, I suspect he’ll be a much smaller role here but hoping he’s still significant.

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