Meet Geekritique’s Contributors

Last week I opened the doors for other bloggers to contribute posts and articles to Geekritique. And immediately many stepped forward, showing interest in being a part of the team. You’ll get to know them throughout the course of their time here, and on their blogs, but this is a brief introduction. Say hi and visit their blogs.


Dakota Lopez (Geekritique)
Fantasy | Science Fiction | Comics
New York, USA – Dakota is a lover of geek culture, an aspiring writer of fantasy fiction, and is happily married to his wife Jennifer.


Jenn Lopez (Jenneral Geek)
Television | Editorials | Books
New York, USA – Jenn is an amateur runner, writer, artist, is a lover of cute things, and a hater of leaky cardboard coffee cups. Happily married to Dakota. Visit her site, Jenneral Geek.

Alex Scantlebury (scan0033)
Science Fiction | Fantasy | Gaming
Ontario, Canada – A founding partner and senior content creator for Initial Public Relations, Alex likes to contribute editorials for sites around the web. Follow him on Twitter.

Eric Barnes
Science Fiction | Comics | Movies
Tennessee, USA – Eric Barnes is a lover of all things geeky, especially Doctor Who, and likes to keep his posts light and funny. With his wife Ashley, they have four children. Visit his site, Check Me Out Bro!

Nolan Rutter (nsrbigshot)
Gaming | Movies | Superheroes
New England – Nolan enjoys watching basketball, making new friends, and discussing Nintendo games. Visit his site, NintendoSpot.

Vlad Tuchi
Movies | Television | Comics
Romania – Tuchi (pronounced like Wookiee with a T) enjoys movies, television shows, and is beginning to get into comics. Though not a professed expert, he enjoys sharing his opinion. Visit his site, the Tuchi Blog.

8 thoughts on “Meet Geekritique’s Contributors

  1. Hey, thanks for the like 🙂
    Actually I was looking at your site and I was thinking that, if you’re so inclined, I’d be honored to be a guest contributor. I think most (if not all) of my articles would fit the geek theme, and I write both reviews and editorials, so I’d be very happy if you wanted to feature the ones you find relevant for your site.

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  2. Thanks for the “like” on my BvS review. I am glad you did, because it looks like you folk have put together a nice collection of geeks here! I’ve added you all to my Reader, and I hope to see some cool things from you in the future!

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