Check Out the New International Trailer for Warcraft: The Beginning

Note the title, Warcraft: The Beginning. No, they didn’t add a subtitle to the movie. It’s simply being marketed that way to international audiences. There’s something to be said about how movies (and oftentimes books) are given alternate titles that will supposedly be easier to market in foreign territories – but I’ll save that for a future post. For now, watch the new trailer!

I really have a hard time telling if this’ll be any good or not. I don’t understand the threat. The characters don’t look likable. And it’s all computer generated imagery. But I’ll see it. World of Warcraft took enough of my life away to keep me marginally invested.


7 thoughts on “Check Out the New International Trailer for Warcraft: The Beginning

  1. Well I head a lot of fun with WC2 and WC3… ahh the old times 🙂
    Never really got into WoW though… But i still loved the Orc story behind WC3. Blizzard is really awesome at telling stories and I think the kid in me will take me into the movie!
    I see it as an ‘expensive’ and really long Cutscene

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  2. I’ve played the game on and off but I’ve always enjoyed some of the stories. Blizzard has always been able to build worlds out of their games. While this movie might not work out. If you have any interest in the stories of the game check out one of the books. Or if your lazy like myself, check out Nobel’s youtube channel( ) he covers a lot of the lore and stories.

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  3. I was never really able to get into Warcraft. I played it back in the day, and even played WC2 for a while, but beyond that I didn’t really care much for it. I know it has a pretty extensive lore, and I can appreciate that, but this is one movie I probably wont see until I see it in the Redbox or PPV and there is nothing else to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I love scifi/fantasy, I just don’t care for Warcraft.

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      1. Ha ha, I was never able to get into D&D either! Mostly a Palladium guy, myself. TMNT, Rifts, Robotech – ah, those were the days! Nothing like sitting around a big table, die and pencil in hand, joking and adventuring with friends! At least then you could see the faces of the people you were going ‘PVP’ with.

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